Python package source workaround
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- system pythohn packages have priority over deadsnakes PPA
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Peter Šurda 2022-04-25 16:08:59 +08:00
parent 3388fc1d59
commit 9c955b591c
Signed by: PeterSurda
GPG Key ID: 3E47497CF67ABB95
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@ -189,9 +189,9 @@ if [[ "$(declare -p travis_python)" =~ "declare -a" ]]; then
echo "skipping python-$pv due to TRAVIS_PYTHON=$TRAVIS_PYTHON"
#if [ ! -e "$ppath" ]; then
sudo apt -y install "python$pv" "python${pv}-dev"
if [ ! -e "$ppath" ]; then
sudo apt -y install "python$pv" "python${pv}-dev"
if [ -n "$options" ]; then
virtualenv_init "$ppath" "$pv" "$options"