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# Analogies to help understand bitcoin
# Part 1, Bitcoin analogies
Bitcoin is unlike anything that has existed before, but from some points of
view it is similar to things we are already familiar with. In this video some
of these similarities are introduced and Bitcoin will be compared to things you
already know.
## Bitcoin is like digital money

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- Lesson 9: [Using a hardware wallet, recovery](ledger_recovery.md)
- Lesson 10: [Using a hardware wallet, buying bitcoin](ledger_buying.md)
- Lesson 11: [Using a hardware wallet, sending bitcoin](ledger_sending.md)
Welcome to educational Bitcoin videos. The purpose of this course is to provide
an introduction to Bitcoin. It is divided into three bigger parts, each
consisting of three or four smaller short videos. You can consume these videos
easily when you have a bit of free time and rewatch them for better understanding.
Part one is about the theory of Bitcoin. What it is or isn't, what you can do
with it or can't do with it, and what you should or shouldn't do with it.
Part two is about using Bitcoin on your mobile phone.
Part three is about using Bitcoin with a secure device.