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Part 3
Frequently asked questions
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Why won't something else replace Bitcoin?
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In order for something to replace Bitcoin for saving, it would need to
provide similar and even better properties. While some "cryptos" are
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also easy
to transport and scarce, none of them have the level of decentralisation of
Bitcoin, and that means their rules could change when
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under attack.
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The decentralisation of Bitcoin goes beyond the mere technical and
organisational. There is also a culture of decentralisation, which acts
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attempts to centralise. There could be something else in the future which is
better than Bitcoin, but as time goes on it is less
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and less likely. It is less
likely now than it was five years ago, for example.
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If Bitcoin is so secure, why are there so many reports about people losing
their money?
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In order to benefit from Bitcoin security, you need to follow the five
principles of Bitcoin mentioned in an earlier video. Usually, when
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you hear
about Bitcoins being stolen, the people involved violated principle number two:
not your keys, not your coins. They entrusted
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their keys to someone who doesn't
know what they are doing, they left it in an unsecured computer, or their keys
got damaged beyond repair.
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It's similar to someone putting a massive lock on
their house door, but then leaving the lock open when leaving the house.
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If Bitcoin consumes a lot of elecricity, do I have to worry about my
elecrticity bill?
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When Bitcoin was originally launched in early 2009, there was only one software
doing all the work. Gradually, specialised software
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developed for the
individual activities involved in the network. The, nodes, verify the ledger
and enforce the rules. The, wallets, keep
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your private keys secure and initiate
transfers on your behalf. And finally, miners, which consume elecricity and
provide security for
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Bitcoin. In the meantime, mining is a business like any
other. Miners run in data centers and in special containers which can move to
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wherever cheap energy is available.