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# how to create an influx admin
- create a config in a docker exec session:
`influx config create --config-name a --host-url http://localhost:8086 --org MY_ORG --token AUTH_TOKEN --active`
- create the user (as a normal member):
`influx user create --name USERNAME --password PASSWORD`
will print the user ID
- list orgs so that you know the org ID:
`influx org list`
- remove the user from the org
`curl -H "Authorization: Token SAME_TOKEN_AS_ABOVE" -XDELETE http://localhost:8086/api/v2/orgs/ORG_ID_FROM_ABOVE/members/USER_ID_FROM_ABOVE`
- add the user as an admin to the org
`curl -H "Authorization: Token SAME_TOKEN_AS_ABOVE" -XPOST -d '{"id": "USER_ID_FROM_ABOVE"}' http://localhost:8086/api/v2/orgs/ORG_ID_FROM_ABOVE/owners`