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import hashlib
import time
import socket
from network.advanceddispatcher import AdvancedDispatcher
import network.asyncore_pollchoose as asyncore
from network.proxy import Proxy, ProxyError, GeneralProxyError
from network.socks5 import Socks5Connection, Socks5Resolver, Socks5AuthError, Socks5Error
from network.socks4a import Socks4aConnection, Socks4aResolver, Socks4aError
import addresses
import protocol
class BMProtoError(ProxyError): pass
class BMConnection(AdvancedDispatcher):
# ~1.6 MB which is the maximum possible size of an inv message.
maxMessageSize = 1600100
def __init__(self, address=None, sock=None):
AdvancedDispatcher.__init__(self, sock)
self.verackReceived = False
self.verackSent = False
if address is None and sock is not None:
self.destination = self.addr()
self.isOutbound = False
print "received connection in background from %s:%i" % (self.destination[0], self.destination[1])
self.destination = address
self.isOutbound = True
self.create_socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
print "connecting in background to %s:%i" % (self.destination[0], self.destination[1])
def bm_proto_reset(self):
self.magic = None
self.command = None
self.payloadLength = None
self.checksum = None
self.payload = None
self.invalid = False
def state_init(self):
self.write_buf += protocol.assembleVersionMessage(self.destination[0], self.destination[1], (1,), False)
if True:
print "Sending version (%ib)" % len(self.write_buf)
self.set_state("bm_header", 0)
return False
def state_bm_header(self):
if len(self.read_buf) < protocol.Header.size:
print "Length below header size"
return False
self.magic, self.command, self.payloadLength, self.checksum = protocol.Header.unpack(self.read_buf[:protocol.Header.size])
self.command = self.command.rstrip('\x00')
if self.magic != 0xE9BEB4D9:
# skip 1 byte in order to sync
self.set_state("bm_header", 1)
print "Bad magic"
if self.payloadLength > BMConnection.maxMessageSize:
self.invalid = True
self.set_state("bm_command", protocol.Header.size)
return True
def state_bm_command(self):
if len(self.read_buf) < self.payloadLength:
print "Length below announced object length"
return False
print "received %s (%ib)" % (self.command, self.payloadLength)
self.payload = self.read_buf[:self.payloadLength]
if self.checksum != hashlib.sha512(self.payload).digest()[0:4]:
print "Bad checksum, ignoring"
self.invalid = True
if not self.invalid:
getattr(self, "bm_command_" + str(self.command))()
except AttributeError:
# unimplemented command
print "unimplemented command %s" % (self.command)
print "Skipping command %s due to invalid data" % (self.command)
self.set_state("bm_header", self.payloadLength)
return True
def bm_command_verack(self):
self.verackReceived = True
return True
def bm_command_version(self):
self.remoteProtocolVersion,, self.timestamp, padding1, self.myExternalIP, padding2, self.remoteNodeIncomingPort = protocol.VersionPacket.unpack(self.payload[:protocol.VersionPacket.size])
print "remoteProtocolVersion: %i" % (self.remoteProtocolVersion)
print "services: %08X" % (
print "time offset: %i" % (self.timestamp - int(time.time()))
print "my external IP: %s" % (socket.inet_ntoa(self.myExternalIP))
print "remote node incoming port: %i" % (self.remoteNodeIncomingPort)
useragentLength, lengthOfUseragentVarint = addresses.decodeVarint(self.payload[80:84])
readPosition = 80 + lengthOfUseragentVarint
self.userAgent = self.payload[readPosition:readPosition + useragentLength]
readPosition += useragentLength
print "user agent: %s" % (self.userAgent)
return True
class Socks5BMConnection(Socks5Connection, BMConnection):
def __init__(self, address):
Socks5Connection.__init__(self, address=address)
def state_socks_handshake_done(self):
return False
class Socks4aBMConnection(Socks4aConnection, BMConnection):
def __init__(self, address):
Socks4aConnection.__init__(self, address=address)
def state_socks_handshake_done(self):
return False
class BMServer(AdvancedDispatcher):
port = 8444
def __init__(self, port=None):
if not hasattr(self, '_map'):
self.create_socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
if port is None:
port = BMServer.port
self.bind(('', port))
self.connections = 0
def handle_accept(self):
pair = self.accept()
if pair is not None:
sock, addr = pair
if __name__ == "__main__":
# initial fill
for host in (("", 8448),):
direct = BMConnection(host)
while len(asyncore.socket_map) > 0:
print "loop, state = %s" % (direct.state)
asyncore.loop(timeout=1, count=1)
proxy = Socks5BMConnection(host)
while len(asyncore.socket_map) > 0:
# print "loop, state = %s" % (proxy.state)
asyncore.loop(timeout=1, count=1)
proxy = Socks4aBMConnection(host)
while len(asyncore.socket_map) > 0:
# print "loop, state = %s" % (proxy.state)
asyncore.loop(timeout=1, count=1)