add helper_addressGenerator module

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navjot 2021-01-08 17:40:38 +05:30
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Create random address
import time
import defaults
import queues
import state
from bitmessageqt import account
from bitmessageqt.foldertree import AccountMixin
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
def checkHasNormalAddress():
"""method for checking address"""
for address in account.getSortedAccounts():
acct = account.accountClass(address)
if acct.type == AccountMixin.NORMAL and BMConfigParser().safeGetBoolean(address, 'enabled'):
return address
return False
def createAddressIfNeeded(label_text, streamNumberForAddress=1):
"""method for creating random address"""
if not checkHasNormalAddress():
'createRandomAddress', 4, streamNumberForAddress,
1, "", False,
while state.shutdown == 0 and not checkHasNormalAddress():
return checkHasNormalAddress()