Import email related stuff only if configured

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Dmitri Bogomolov 2018-06-21 13:03:50 +03:00
parent 96773c5d6d
commit 46f5ead960
Signed by untrusted user: g1itch
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@ -51,8 +51,6 @@ from class_singleCleaner import singleCleaner
from class_objectProcessor import objectProcessor
from class_singleWorker import singleWorker
from class_addressGenerator import addressGenerator
from class_smtpDeliver import smtpDeliver
from class_smtpServer import smtpServer
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
from inventory import Inventory
@ -310,12 +308,14 @@ class Main:
# SMTP delivery thread
if daemon and BMConfigParser().safeGet(
"bitmessagesettings", "smtpdeliver", '') != '':
from class_smtpDeliver import smtpDeliver
smtpDeliveryThread = smtpDeliver()
# SMTP daemon thread
if daemon and BMConfigParser().safeGetBoolean(
"bitmessagesettings", "smtpd"):
from class_smtpServer import smtpServer
smtpServerThread = smtpServer()