Changed check_pyqt() to work with qtpy

(closes #897, closes #1418)
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Dmitri Bogomolov 2018-06-27 17:44:55 +03:00
parent da940d9895
commit a38e5c63e1
Signed by untrusted user: g1itch
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@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ if not hasattr(sys, 'hexversion') or sys.hexversion < 0x20300F0:
import logging
import os
from distutils import version
from importlib import import_module
# We can now use logging so set up a simple configuration
@ -49,22 +50,22 @@ PACKAGE_MANAGER = {
"PyQt4": {
"OpenBSD": "py-qt4",
"FreeBSD": "py27-qt4",
"Debian": "python-qt4",
"Ubuntu": "python-qt4",
"Ubuntu 12": "python-qt4",
"openSUSE": "python-qt",
"Fedora": "PyQt4",
"Guix": "python2-pyqt@4.11.4",
"Gentoo": "dev-python/PyQt4",
"qtpy": {
"OpenBSD": "py-qtpy",
"FreeBSD": "py27-QtPy",
"Debian": "python-qtpy",
"Ubuntu": "python-qtpy",
"Ubuntu 12": "python-qtpy",
"openSUSE": "python-QtPy",
"Fedora": "python2-QtPy",
"Guix": "",
"Gentoo": "dev-python/QtPy",
"optional": True,
"You only need PyQt if you want to use the GUI."
"You only need qtpy if you want to use the GUI."
" When only running as a daemon, this can be skipped.\n"
"However, you would have to install it manually"
" because setuptools does not support PyQt."
"Also maybe you need to install PyQt5 if your package manager"
" not installs it as qtpy dependency"
"msgpack": {
"OpenBSD": "py-msgpack",
@ -363,21 +364,21 @@ def check_pyqt():
Here we are checking for PyQt4 with its version, as for it require
PyQt 4.8 or later.
QtCore = try_import(
'qtpy.QtCore', 'PyBitmessage requires PyQt 4.8 or later and Qt 4.7 or later.')
qtpy = try_import(
'qtpy', 'PyBitmessage requires qtpy, PyQt 4.8 or later and Qt 4.7 or later.')
if not QtCore:
if not qtpy:
return False'PyQt Version: %s', QtCore.PYQT_VERSION_STR)'Qt Version: %s', QtCore.QT_VERSION_STR)'PyQt Version: %s', qtpy.PYQT_VERSION)'Qt Version: %s', qtpy.QT_VERSION)
passed = True
if QtCore.PYQT_VERSION < 0x40800:
if version.LooseVersion(qtpy.PYQT_VERSION) < '4.8':
'This version of PyQt is too old. PyBitmessage requries'
' PyQt 4.8 or later.')
passed = False
if QtCore.QT_VERSION < 0x40700:
if version.LooseVersion(qtpy.QT_VERSION) < '4.7':
'This version of Qt is too old. PyBitmessage requries'
' Qt 4.7 or later.')
@ -386,7 +387,7 @@ def check_pyqt():
def check_msgpack():
"""Do sgpack module check.
"""Do msgpack module check.
simply checking if msgpack package with all its dependency
is available or not as recommended for messages coding.