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@ -241,6 +241,47 @@ Bitmessage's 8-bit bytes.
Pubkey bitfield features
.. list-table::
:header-rows: 1
:widths: auto
* - Bit
- Name
- Description
* - 0
- undefined
- The most significant bit at the beginning of the structure. Undefined
* - 1
- undefined
- The next most significant bit. Undefined
* - ...
- ...
- ...
* - 27
- onion_router
- (**Proposal**) Node can be used to onion-route messages. In theory any
node can onion route, but since it requires more resources, they may have
the functionality disabled. This field will be used to indicate that the
node is willing to do this.
* - 28
- forward_secrecy
- (**Proposal**) Receiving node supports a forward secrecy encryption
extension. The exact design is pending.
* - 29
- chat
- (**Proposal**) Address if for chatting rather than messaging.
* - 30
- include_destination
- (**Proposal**) Receiving node expects that the RIPE hash encoded in their
address preceedes the encrypted message data of msg messages bound for
.. note:: since hardly anyone implements this, this will be redesigned as
`simple recipient verification <>`_
* - 31
- does_ack
- If true, the receiving node does send acknowledgements (rather than
dropping them).
.. _msg-types:
@ -256,6 +297,81 @@ When a node creates an outgoing connection, it will immediately advertise its
version. The remote node will respond with its version. No futher communication
is possible until both peers have exchanged their version.
.. list-table:: Payload
:header-rows: 1
:widths: auto
* - Field Size
- Description
- Data type
- Comments
* - 4
- version
- int32_t
- Identifies protocol version being used by the node. Should equal 3.
Nodes should disconnect if the remote node's version is lower but
continue with the connection if it is higher.
* - 8
- services
- uint64_t
- bitfield of features to be enabled for this connection
* - 8
- timestamp
- int64_t
- standard UNIX timestamp in seconds
* - 26
- addr_recv
- net_addr
- The network address of the node receiving this message (not including the
time or stream number)
* - 26
- addr_from
- net_addr
- The network address of the node emitting this message (not including the
time or stream number and the ip itself is ignored by the receiver)
* - 8
- nonce
- uint64_t
- Random nonce used to detect connections to self.
* - 1+
- user_agent
- var_str
- :doc:`useragent` (0x00 if string is 0 bytes long). Sending nodes must not
include a user_agent longer than 5000 bytes.
* - 1+
- stream_numbers
- var_int_list
- The stream numbers that the emitting node is interested in. Sending nodes
must not include more than 160000 stream numbers.
A "verack" packet shall be sent if the version packet was accepted. Once you
have sent and received a verack messages with the remote node, send an addr
message advertising up to 1000 peers of which you are aware, and one or more
inv messages advertising all of the valid objects of which you are aware.
.. list-table:: The following services are currently assigned
:header-rows: 1
:widths: auto
* - Value
- Name
- Description
* - 1
- This is a normal network node.
* - 2
- This node supports SSL/TLS in the current connect (python < 2.7.9 only
supports a SSL client, so in that case it would only have this on when
the connection is a client).
* - 3
- (**Proposal**) This node may do PoW on behalf of some its peers (PoW
offloading/delegating), but it doesn't have to. Clients may have to meet
additional requirements (e.g. TLS authentication)
* - 4
- Node supports `dandelion <>`_

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@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
User Agent
Bitmessage user agents are a modified browser user agent with more structure
to aid parsers and provide some coherence. The user agent strings are arranged
in a stack with the most underlying software listed first.
Basic format::
/PyBitmessage:0.2.2/Corporate Mail System:0.8/
The version numbers are not defined to any strict format, although this guide
* Version numbers in the form of Major.Minor.Revision (2.6.41)
* Repository builds using a date in the format of YYYYMMDD (20110128)
For git repository builds, implementations are free to use the git commitish.
However the issue lies in that it is not immediately obvious without the
repository which version proceeds another. For this reason, we lightly
recommend dates in the format specified above, although this is by no means
a requirement.
Optional ``-r1``, ``-r2``, ... can be appended to user agent version numbers.
This is another light recommendation, but not a requirement. Implementations
are free to specify version numbers in whatever format needed insofar as it
does not include ``(``, ``)``, ``:`` or ``/`` to interfere with the user agent
An optional comments field after the version number is also allowed. Comments
should be delimited by parenthesis ``(...)``. The contents of comments is
entirely implementation defined although this document recommends the use of
semi-colons ``;`` as a delimiter between pieces of information.
/cBitmessage:0.2(iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2_1)/AndroidBuild:0.8/
Reserved symbols are therefore: ``/ : ( )``
They should not be misused beyond what is specified in this section.
seperates the code-stack
specifies the implementation version of the particular stack
``( and )``
delimits a comment which optionally separates data using ``;``