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Modify UI to prevent the user from trying to send messages to themselves..
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Jonathan Warren 2013-02-13 14:22:00 -08:00
commit cac7ff7920
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@ -3704,6 +3704,13 @@ class MyForm(QtGui.QMainWindow):
self.statusBar().showMessage('Error: You must specify a From address. If you don\'t have one, go to the \'Your Identities\' tab.')
toAddress = addBMIfNotPresent(toAddress)
config.get(toAddress, 'enabled')
#The toAddress is one owned by me. We cannot send messages to ourselves without significant changes to the codebase.
QMessageBox.about(self, "Sending to your address", "Error: One of the addresses to which you are sending a message, "+toAddress+", is yours. Unfortunately the Bitmessage client cannot process its own messages. Please try running a second client on a different computer or within a VM.")
if addressVersionNumber > 2 or addressVersionNumber == 0:
QMessageBox.about(self, "Address version number", "Concerning the address "+toAddress+", Bitmessage cannot understand address version numbers of "+str(addressVersionNumber)+". Perhaps upgrade Bitmessage to the latest version.")