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Justin Ramos 7895e94365
update formula 5 years ago
Justin Ramos 0b8379aa09
updae install instructions for homebrew 5 years ago
Humz 7ecc0052e3
sorry, i forgot about the second paragraph, all done now hopefully
6 years ago
Humz 6d3ca1ee46
made sure the dashes have changed to bullet points this time
6 years ago
Humz afdad30ef3
Tidying Up instructions
Improved flow of install instructions
6 years ago
bashgnu db61515553
Update broken download link.
Update broken download link to latest release on github.
6 years ago
anryko 90ef2d54e1
Fixed markdown. 7 years ago
Michael Ford 28f8c4d284 Fix typos & update link in 9 years ago
coolbeans7 648750ef5c Updated
Noticed a few typos
10 years ago
Michagogo ca9827438c Fix a typo in
Pretty sure what's intended here is, not the musical instrument.
10 years ago
Erik Ackermann 738c58694c Responded to comment from jvz; fixed brew install instructions. 10 years ago
Erik Ackermann a32f51f583 Fixed OS X steps to use Homebrew commands (was using MacPorts commands) 10 years ago
Cameron Conn 5148ade238 Changed INSTALL to markdown 10 years ago