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17 Commits (3e85e9d60e5a3c750bc694dd3b99ccb06c97afbe)

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Dmitri Bogomolov 5b71bd1931
Format and simplify bitmessagemain.spec, exclude unused libs and files 3 years ago
citizenaspirant 93bf7ad62c
Add apparmor config to data_files for Debian and Ubuntu 3 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov d3fbf17acf
Remove unmaintained debian package 3 years ago
Peter Šurda 73ecf07dec
Wine build cleanup and XP fix
- spec file was cleaned up
- 32bit build runs on XP (downgrade of PyInstaller needed)
4 years ago
Peter Šurda 3fb34370a7
Wine build script update
- update and clean up and make sure it works
- it builds the binary but I haven't tried to run the binary
- it probably still missing some fine tuning, OpenCL probably doesn't work
4 years ago
lakshyacis d9ef4a8e8d
fix spelling mistakes 4 years ago
ekta-v 425a49edaf
update spec file for build script cross compile exe 4 years ago
Peter Šurda ef1cd5a9bd
Merge branch '1159' into upstream-v0.6 6 years ago
sigoa 84c94ad748
codacy no like ` this ` 6 years ago
sigoa c93b31dd45
backticks problematic 6 years ago
Peter Šurda 6fb5a751c6
Add collectd monitoring script 6 years ago
Peter Šurda 395812c0f8
Systemd config file
- tested on Debian 9, you may have to adjust paths/uids if your
deployment differs
6 years ago
Peter Šurda 8579d8b3b5
PyInstaller spec file updates
- file name based on architecture, version and date
- workaround for __init__ in src
- change to unix line endings
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 249a513630
Pyinstaller warning
- remove unnecessary includes
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 46a2c361de
Building and msgpack fixes
- Makefile typo
- pyinstaller rewritten and fixed including and initialisation of
- msgpack decoding new message display fix
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 67c8966a21
Windows compatibility fixes
- spec file for pyinstaller detects architecture (32 or 64bit)
- spec file uses os.path.join
- spec file creates and adds the list of messagetypes
- added MinGW/MSyS support in Makefile
- separate Makefile.msvc for MCVC
- bitmsghash.cpp minor adjustments to build also on MSVC/MinGW
- if frozen mode, messagetypes loads the list of files from a text file
  generated during archive building rather than from a directory
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 3033520995
Directory maintenance
- rearrange obsolete build scripts
- rearrange working build scripts
- add build / devel scripts I use
- add existing development tests (bloom filter, message encoding, thread
- add directory descriptions
7 years ago