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Additional SQL helper for searching messages.
Used by :mod:`.bitmessageqt`.
from helper_sql import sqlQuery
from tr import _translate
def search_sql(
xAddress='toaddress', account=None, folder='inbox', where=None,
what=None, unreadOnly=False
Search for messages from given account and folder having search term
in one of it's fields.
:param str xAddress: address field checked
('fromaddress', 'toaddress' or 'both')
:param account: the account which is checked
:type account: :class:`.bitmessageqt.account.BMAccount`
:param str folder: the folder which is checked
:param str where: message field which is checked ('toaddress',
'fromaddress', 'subject' or 'message'), by default check any field
:param str what: the search term
:param bool unreadOnly: if True, search only for unread messages
:return: all messages where <where> field contains <what>
:rtype: list[list]
# pylint: disable=too-many-arguments, too-many-branches
if what:
what = '%' + what + '%'
if where == _translate("MainWindow", "To"):
where = 'toaddress'
elif where == _translate("MainWindow", "From"):
where = 'fromaddress'
elif where == _translate("MainWindow", "Subject"):
where = 'subject'
elif where == _translate("MainWindow", "Message"):
where = 'message'
where = 'toaddress || fromaddress || subject || message'
sqlStatementBase = 'SELECT toaddress, fromaddress, subject, ' + (
'status, ackdata, lastactiontime FROM sent ' if folder == 'sent'
else 'folder, msgid, received, read FROM inbox '
sqlStatementParts = []
sqlArguments = []
if account is not None:
if xAddress == 'both':
sqlStatementParts.append('(fromaddress = ? OR toaddress = ?)')
sqlStatementParts.append(xAddress + ' = ? ')
if folder is not None:
if folder == 'new':
folder = 'inbox'
unreadOnly = True
sqlStatementParts.append('folder = ? ')
sqlStatementParts.append('folder != ?')
if what:
sqlStatementParts.append('%s LIKE ?' % (where))
if unreadOnly:
sqlStatementParts.append('read = 0')
if sqlStatementParts:
sqlStatementBase += 'WHERE ' + ' AND '.join(sqlStatementParts)
if folder == 'sent':
sqlStatementBase += ' ORDER BY lastactiontime'
return sqlQuery(sqlStatementBase, sqlArguments)
def check_match(
toAddress, fromAddress, subject, message, where=None, what=None):
Check if a single message matches a filter (used when new messages
are added to messagelists)
# pylint: disable=too-many-arguments
if not what:
return True
if where in (
_translate("MainWindow", "To"), _translate("MainWindow", "All")
if what.lower() not in toAddress.lower():
return False
elif where in (
_translate("MainWindow", "From"), _translate("MainWindow", "All")
if what.lower() not in fromAddress.lower():
return False
elif where in (
_translate("MainWindow", "Subject"),
_translate("MainWindow", "All")
if what.lower() not in subject.lower():
return False
elif where in (
_translate("MainWindow", "Message"),
_translate("MainWindow", "All")
if what.lower() not in message.lower():
return False
return True