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Peter Šurda 3e85e9d60e
OpenSSL improve memory handling
- replace void * with BIGNUM * where applicable
- fixes #1622
- replace 0 with None when using a NULL pointer as parameter
- maybe needs more work in how the data is accessed
- EC_POINT struct is now defined but isn't used yet
3 years ago
test_pattern test case for testing old knownnodes pickle 3 years ago Basic API tests and simple apinotify handler 5 years ago Style fixes and docstrings for tests 5 years ago Common basic cleanup procedure 3 years ago Move addressbook test to bitmessageqt.tests because it uses Qt 3 years ago Fix statuses for sendBroadcast 3 years ago OpenSSL improve memory handling 3 years ago Merged PeterSurda/teardown-test1: 3 years ago Moved addresses demo script into tests.test_crypto 4 years ago Make TestLogger a subclass of TestProcessProto 3 years ago Restrict outbound connections on network groups 4 years ago remove TestProcessProto import from test_openclpow module 3 years ago Blind signature updates 4 years ago A test for listening port 8444 3 years ago A test case for protocol with the test for TCPConnection.local 3 years ago Fixed flake8 CQ issues 3 years ago