Peter Surda a69732f060
Addrthread finish
- addrthread is supposed to spread addresses as they appear. This was never
  finished during migration to asyncore
- conservative to prevent flood and loops
- randomises order
- move protocol constants into a separate file
- move addr packet creation into a separate file
- see #1575
2019-11-30 13:47:24 +01:00

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Create bitmessage protocol command packets
import struct
import addresses
from network.constants import MAX_ADDR_COUNT
from network.node import Peer
from protocol import CreatePacket, encodeHost
def assemble_addr(peerList):
"""Create address command"""
if isinstance(peerList, Peer):
peerList = (peerList)
if not peerList:
return b''
retval = b''
for i in range(0, len(peerList), MAX_ADDR_COUNT):
payload = addresses.encodeVarint(
len(peerList[i:i + MAX_ADDR_COUNT]))
for stream, peer, timestamp in peerList[i:i + MAX_ADDR_COUNT]:
payload += struct.pack(
'>Q', timestamp) # 64-bit time
payload += struct.pack('>I', stream)
payload += struct.pack(
'>q', 1) # service bit flags offered by this node
payload += encodeHost(
payload += struct.pack('>H', peer.port) # remote port
retval += CreatePacket('addr', payload)
return retval