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PyBitmessage does various tasks in separate threads. Most of them inherit
from `.network.StoppableThread`. There are `addressGenerator` for
addresses generation, `objectProcessor` for processing the network objects
passed minimal validation, `singleCleaner` to periodically clean various
internal storages (like inventory and knownnodes) and do forced garbage
collection, `singleWorker` for doing PoW, `sqlThread` for querying sqlite
There are also other threads in the `.network` package.
:func:`set_thread_name` is defined here for the threads that don't inherit from
import threading
import prctl
except ImportError:
def set_thread_name(name):
"""Set a name for the thread for python internal use."""
threading.current_thread().name = name
def set_thread_name(name):
"""Set the thread name for external use (visible from the OS)."""
def _thread_name_hack(self):
# pylint: disable=protected-access
threading.Thread.__bootstrap_original__ = threading.Thread._Thread__bootstrap
threading.Thread._Thread__bootstrap = _thread_name_hack
from class_addressGenerator import addressGenerator
from class_objectProcessor import objectProcessor
from class_singleCleaner import singleCleaner
from class_singleWorker import singleWorker
from class_sqlThread import sqlThread
__all__ = [
"addressGenerator", "objectProcessor", "singleCleaner", "singleWorker",