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from collections import deque
import Queue
import random
class MultiQueue(Queue.Queue):
defaultQueueCount = 10
def __init__(self, maxsize=0, count=0):
if not count:
self.queueCount = MultiQueue.defaultQueueCount
self.queueCount = count
Queue.Queue.__init__(self, maxsize)
# Initialize the queue representation
def _init(self, maxsize):
self.iter = 0
self.queues = []
for i in range(self.queueCount):
def _qsize(self, len=len):
return len(self.queues[self.iter])
# Put a new item in the queue
def _put(self, item):
i = random.randrange(0, self.queueCount)
# Get an item from the queue
def _get(self):
return self.queues[self.iter].popleft()
def iterate(self):
self.iter = (self.iter + 1) % self.queueCount