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# sanity check, prevent doing ridiculous PoW
# 20 million PoWs equals approximately 2 days on dev's dual R9 290
ridiculousDifficulty = 20000000
# Remember here the RPC port read from namecoin.conf so we can restore to
# it as default whenever the user changes the "method" selection for
# namecoin integration to "namecoind".
namecoinDefaultRpcPort = "8336"
# If changed, these values will cause particularly unexpected behavior:
# You won't be able to either send or receive messages because the proof
# of work you do (or demand) won't match that done or demanded by others.
# Don't change them!
# The amount of work that should be performed (and demanded) per byte of the payload.
networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte = 1000
# To make sending short messages a little more difficult, this value is
# added to the payload length for use in calculating the proof of work
# target.
networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes = 1000