Cleanup UPnP

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Peter Šurda 2015-11-21 00:39:23 +01:00
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commit 0270dc3d4d
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@ -118,6 +118,20 @@ class Router:
if service.childNodes[0].data.find('WANIPConnection') > 0:
self.path = service.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('controlURL')[0].childNodes[0].data
# get local IP
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
logger.debug("Connecting to %s:%i", self.address, self.routerPath.port)
s.connect ((self.address, self.routerPath.port))
self.localAddress = s.getsockname()[0]
logger.debug("Local IP: %s", self.localAddress)
def AddPortMapping(self, externalPort, internalPort, internalClient, protocol, description, leaseDuration = 0, enabled = 1):
resp = self.soapRequest('WANIPConnection:1', 'AddPortMapping', [
('NewExternalPort', str(externalPort)),
@ -128,6 +142,7 @@ class Router:
('NewPortMappingDescription', str(description)),
('NewLeaseDuration', str(leaseDuration))
self.extPort = externalPort
return resp
def DeletePortMapping(self, externalPort, protocol):
@ -145,6 +160,7 @@ class Router:
def soapRequest(self, service, action, arguments=[]):
from xml.dom.minidom import parseString
from debug import logger
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(self.routerPath.hostname, self.routerPath.port)
@ -159,40 +175,42 @@ class Router:
dom = parseString(resp)
errinfo = dom.getElementsByTagName('errorDescription')
if len(errinfo) > 0:
logger.error("UPnP error: %s", resp)
raise UPnPError(errinfo[0].childNodes[0].data)
return resp
def createPortMappingInternal(router):
from debug import logger
for i in range(0, 50):
routerIP, = unpack('>I', socket.inet_aton(router.address))
localIP = router.localAddress
localPort = shared.config.getint('bitmessagesettings', 'port')
if i == 0:
extPort = localPort # try same port first
extPort = randint(32767, 65535)
logger.debug("Requesting UPnP mapping for %s:%i on external port %i", localIP, localPort, extPort)
router.AddPortMapping(extPort, localPort, localIP, 'TCP', 'BitMessage')"Successfully established UPnP mapping for %s:%i on external port %i", localIP, localPort, extPort)
shared.extPort = extPort
except UPnPError:
logger.debug("UPnP error: ", exc_info=True)
def createPortMapping():
from struct import unpack, pack
from debug import logger
global routers
routers = searchRouter()
localIPs = socket.gethostbyname_ex(socket.gethostname())[2]
logger.debug("Found %i UPnP routers", len(routers))
for i in range(len(localIPs)):
localIPs[i], = unpack('>I', socket.inet_aton(localIPs[i]))
#add port mapping for each router
for router in routers:
routerIP, = unpack('>I', socket.inet_aton(router.address))
localIP = None
minDiff = 0xFFFFFFFF
#find nearest localIP as clientIP to specified router
for IP in localIPs:
if IP ^ routerIP < minDiff:
minDiff = IP ^ routerIP
localIP = IP
localIP = socket.inet_ntoa(pack('>I', localIP))
localPort = config.getint('bitmessagesettings', 'port')
router.AddPortMapping(localPort, localPort, localIP, 'TCP', 'BitMessage')
except UPnPError:
from random import randint
newPort = str(randint(32767, 65535))
config.set('bitmessagesettings', 'port', newPort)
for router in routers:
def deletePortMapping():
localPort = config.getint('bitmessagesettings', 'port')
for router in routers:
router.DeletePortMapping(localPort, 'TCP')
if hasattr(router, "extPort"):
router.DeletePortMapping(router.extPort, 'TCP')