2 new translatable strings in bitmessagemain

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Gatien Bovyn 2013-06-13 20:21:10 +02:00
parent dbc5abbe19
commit 0bfb6c4590

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@ -3899,7 +3899,7 @@ class addressGenerator(threading.Thread):
if addressVersionNumber == 3: # currently the only one supported.
if command == 'createRandomAddress':
'updateStatusBar', 'Generating one new address'))
'updateStatusBar', _translate("MainWindow", "Generating one new address")))
# This next section is a little bit strange. We're going to generate keys over and over until we
# find one that starts with either \x00 or \x00\x00. Then when we pack them into a Bitmessage address,
# we won't store the \x00 or \x00\x00 bytes thus making the
@ -3970,7 +3970,7 @@ class addressGenerator(threading.Thread):
'updateStatusBar', 'Done generating address. Doing work necessary to broadcast it...'))
'updateStatusBar', _translate("MainWindow", "Done generating address. Doing work necessary to broadcast it...")))
shared.UISignalQueue.put(('writeNewAddressToTable', (
label, address, streamNumber)))