Also set RPC port default from namecoin.conf

Also use the found rpcport in namecoin.conf to initialise
the RPC port setting at first if it is not yet set.
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Daniel Kraft 2013-07-17 18:40:02 +02:00
parent 810387df3e
commit 25f0192fd6
1 changed files with 7 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -240,11 +240,10 @@ def ensureNamecoinOptions ():
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpctype", "namecoind")
if not shared.config.has_option (configSection, "namecoinrpchost"):
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpchost", "localhost")
if not shared.config.has_option (configSection, "namecoinrpcport"):
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpcport", "8336")
hasUser = shared.config.has_option (configSection, "namecoinrpcuser")
hasPass = shared.config.has_option (configSection, "namecoinrpcpassword")
hasPort = shared.config.has_option (configSection, "namecoinrpcport")
# Try to read user/password from .namecoin configuration file.
@ -269,6 +268,7 @@ def ensureNamecoinOptions ():
"namecoinrpcpassword", val)
if key == "rpcport":
shared.namecoinDefaultRpcPort = val
# Will be set in config below anyway.
nmc.close ()
@ -278,3 +278,8 @@ def ensureNamecoinOptions ():
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpcuser", "")
if (not hasPass):
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpcpassword", "")
# Set default port now, possibly to found value.
if (not hasPort):
shared.config.set (configSection, "namecoinrpcport",