Merge pull request #735 from themighty1/ui-freeze-fix

dont freeze UI when mass-marking unread
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Jonathan Warren 2014-12-25 21:23:49 -05:00
commit 2621f38b11
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@ -2650,15 +2650,19 @@ class MyForm(QtGui.QMainWindow):
def on_action_InboxMarkUnread(self):
font = QFont()
inventoryHashesToMarkUnread = []
for row in self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.selectedIndexes():
currentRow = row.row()
inventoryHashToMarkUnread = str(self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.item(
currentRow, 3).data(Qt.UserRole).toPyObject())
sqlExecute('''UPDATE inbox SET read=0 WHERE msgid=?''', inventoryHashToMarkUnread)
self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.item(currentRow, 0).setFont(font)
self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.item(currentRow, 1).setFont(font)
self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.item(currentRow, 2).setFont(font)
self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.item(currentRow, 3).setFont(font)
#sqlite requires the exact number of ?s to prevent injection
sqlExecute('''UPDATE inbox SET read=0 WHERE msgid IN (%s)''' % (
"?," * len(inventoryHashesToMarkUnread))[:-1], *inventoryHashesToMarkUnread)
# self.ui.tableWidgetInbox.selectRow(currentRow + 1)
# This doesn't de-select the last message if you try to mark it unread, but that doesn't interfere. Might not be necessary.