Object processor queue class

Previous commit didn't include the class. This class takes care of queue
size monitoring so that the system doesn't run out of memory.
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Peter Šurda 2016-01-22 13:49:28 +01:00
parent e4f31d25fc
commit 47f0df6c0b
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import shared
import Queue
import threading
import time
class ObjectProcessorQueue(Queue.Queue):
maxSize = 32000000
def __init__(self):
self.sizeLock = threading.Lock()
self.curSize = 0 # in Bytes. We maintain this to prevent nodes from flooing us with objects which take up too much memory. If this gets too big we'll sleep before asking for further objects.
def put(self, item, block = True, timeout = None):
while self.curSize >= self.maxSize and not shared.shutdown:
if shared.shutdown:
with self.sizeLock:
self.curSize += len(item[1])
Queue.Queue.put(self, item, block, timeout)
def get(self, block = True, timeout = None):
item = Queue.Queue.get(self, block, timeout)
with self.sizeLock:
self.curSize -= len(item[1])
return item