outgoingSynSender thread reaping disabled

It was causing delays on shutdown, worse on linux/osx
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mailchuck 2015-11-22 16:42:34 +01:00 committed by Peter Surda
parent b00c4f24ec
commit 74519069f0
1 changed files with 2 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -411,7 +411,8 @@ def doCleanShutdown():
if thread.isAlive() and isinstance(thread, StoppableThread):
for thread in threading.enumerate():
if thread.name == "uPnPThread" or "outgoingSynSender" in thread.name:
if thread.name == "uPnPThread":
#or "outgoingSynSender" in thread.name:
logger.debug("Waiting for thread %s", thread.name)