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@ -987,11 +987,24 @@ class MyForm(QtGui.QMainWindow):
# update the menu entries
# returns true if the given sound category is a connection sound
# rather than a received message sound
def isConnectionSound(self, category):
if (category is self.SOUND_CONNECTED or
category is self.SOUND_DISCONNECTED or
category is self.SOUND_CONNECTION_GREEN):
return True
return False
# play a sound
def playSound(self, category, label):
# filename of the sound to be played
soundFilename = None
# whether to play a sound or not
play = True
# if the address had a known label in the address book
if label is not None:
# Does a sound file exist for this particular contact?
if (os.path.isfile(shared.appdata + 'sounds/' + label + '.wav') or
@ -1002,28 +1015,34 @@ class MyForm(QtGui.QMainWindow):
# This suppresses playing sounds repeatedly when there
# are many new messages
if (soundFilename is None and
category is not self.SOUND_CONNECTED and
category is not self.SOUND_DISCONNECTED and
category is not self.SOUND_CONNECTION_GREEN):
not self.isConnectionSound(category)):
# elapsed time since the last sound was played
dt = - self.lastSoundTime
# suppress sounds which are more frequent than the threshold
if dt.total_seconds() < self.maxSoundFrequencySec:
play = False
if soundFilename is None:
# the sound is for an address which exists in the address book
if category is self.SOUND_KNOWN:
soundFilename = shared.appdata + 'sounds/known'
# the sound is for an unknown address
elif category is self.SOUND_UNKNOWN:
soundFilename = shared.appdata + 'sounds/unknown'
# initial connection sound
elif category is self.SOUND_CONNECTED:
soundFilename = shared.appdata + 'sounds/connected'
# disconnected sound
elif category is self.SOUND_DISCONNECTED:
soundFilename = shared.appdata + 'sounds/disconnected'
# sound when the connection status becomes green
elif category is self.SOUND_CONNECTION_GREEN:
soundFilename = shared.appdata + 'sounds/green'
if soundFilename is not None and play is True:
# record the last time that a sound was played
self.lastSoundTime =
if not self.isConnectionSound(category):
# record the last time that a received message sound was played
self.lastSoundTime =
# if not wav then try mp3 format
if not os.path.isfile(soundFilename + '.wav'):