use base64 for the API passphrase and random address label

Jonathan Warren 11 years ago
parent 267896cbe1
commit 7e190c4d23

@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ print jsonAddresses
print 'Now that we have our address data in a nice Python data structure, let\'s look at the first address (index 0) and print its label:'
print jsonAddresses['addresses'][0]['label']
print 'Uncomment this next line to create a new random address.'
addressLabel = 'new address label'.encode('base64')
print api.createRandomAddress(addressLabel)
print 'Uncomment the next two lines to create a new random address.'
#addressLabel = 'new address label'.encode('base64')
#print api.createRandomAddress(addressLabel)
print 'Uncomment these next four lines to create new deterministic addresses.'
#passphrase = 'asdfasdfqwer'.encode('base64')