Remove extra debug logging

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mailchuck 2015-11-19 17:42:04 +01:00 committed by Peter Surda
parent dd15d1b6ed
commit 8909a535ae

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@ -3174,10 +3174,8 @@ class MyForm(settingsmixin.SMainWindow):
inventoryHashToTrash = str(tableWidget.item(
currentRow, 3).data(Qt.UserRole).toPyObject())
if folder == "trash" or shifted:
logger.debug ("deleting")
sqlExecute('''DELETE FROM inbox WHERE msgid=?''', inventoryHashToTrash)
logger.debug ("moving to trash, because folder = \"%s\" and shifted = %r %x", folder, shifted)
sqlExecute('''UPDATE inbox SET folder='trash' WHERE msgid=?''', inventoryHashToTrash)
if tableWidget.item(currentRow, 0).font().bold():
unread = True