Implimented broadcast encryption (testing)

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Jonathan Warren 2013-04-26 16:07:58 -04:00
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commit 896b96b7c7

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@ -590,7 +590,7 @@ class receiveDataThread(QThread):
broadcastVersion, broadcastVersionLength = decodeVarint(data[readPosition:readPosition+9])
readPosition += broadcastVersionLength
if broadcastVersion < 1 or broadcastVersion > 2:
#Cannot decode incoming broadcast versions higher than 2. Assuming the sender isn\' being silly, you should upgrade Bitmessage because this message shall be ignored.
print 'Cannot decode incoming broadcast versions higher than 2. Assuming the sender isn\' being silly, you should upgrade Bitmessage because this message shall be ignored.'
if broadcastVersion == 1:
beginningOfPubkeyPosition = readPosition #used when we add the pubkey to our pubkey table
@ -704,9 +704,8 @@ class receiveDataThread(QThread):
if broadcastVersion == 2:
cleartextStreamNumber, cleartextStreamNumberLength = decodeVarint(data[readPosition:readPosition+10])
readPosition += streamNumberLength
readPosition += cleartextStreamNumberLength
initialDecryptionSuccessful = False
for key, cryptorObject in MyECSubscriptionCryptorObjects.items():
decryptedData = cryptorObject.decrypt(data[readPosition:])
@ -756,6 +755,12 @@ class receiveDataThread(QThread):
ripe ='ripemd160')
if toRipe != ripe.digest():
print 'The encryption key used to encrypt this message doesn\'t match the keys inbedded in the message itself. Ignoring message.'
print 'The encryption key DOES match the keys in the message.'
messageEncodingType, messageEncodingTypeLength = decodeVarint(decryptedData[readPosition:readPosition+9])
if messageEncodingType == 0:
@ -2265,6 +2270,27 @@ def isAddressInMyAddressBook(address):
return queryreturn != []
def isAddressInMyAddressBookSubscriptionsListOrWhitelist(address):
if isAddressInMyAddressBook(address):
return True
sqlSubmitQueue.put('''SELECT address FROM whitelist where address=? and enabled = '1' ''')
queryreturn = sqlReturnQueue.get()
if queryreturn <> []:
return True
sqlSubmitQueue.put('''select address from subscriptions where address=? and enabled = '1' ''')
queryreturn = sqlReturnQueue.get()
if queryreturn <> []:
return True
return False
def assembleVersionMessage(remoteHost,remotePort,myStreamNumber):
global softwareVersion
payload = ''
@ -2383,6 +2409,9 @@ class sqlThread(QThread):
self.cur.execute( '''CREATE TABLE pubkeys (hash blob, transmitdata blob, time int, usedpersonally text, UNIQUE(hash) ON CONFLICT REPLACE)''' )
self.cur.execute( '''INSERT INTO pubkeys SELECT hash, transmitdata, time, usedpersonally FROM pubkeys_backup;''')
self.cur.execute( '''DROP TABLE pubkeys_backup;''')
print 'Deleting all pubkeys from inventory. They will be redownloaded and then saved with the correct times.'
self.cur.execute( '''delete from inventory where objecttype = 'pubkey';''')
print 'Commiting.'
print 'Vacuuming message.dat. You might notice that the file size gets much smaller.'
self.cur.execute( ''' VACUUM ''')
@ -2844,7 +2873,6 @@ class singleWorker(QThread):
signature = highlevelcrypto.sign(payload,privSigningKeyHex)
dataToEncrypt += encodeVarint(len(signature))
dataToEncrypt += signature
print 'The string that we will hash to make the privEncryptionKey is', (encodeVarint(addressVersionNumber)+encodeVarint(streamNumber)+ripe).encode('hex')
privEncryptionKey = hashlib.sha512(encodeVarint(addressVersionNumber)+encodeVarint(streamNumber)+ripe).digest()[:32]
pubEncryptionKey = pointMult(privEncryptionKey)
payload += highlevelcrypto.encrypt(dataToEncrypt,pubEncryptionKey.encode('hex'))
@ -2964,8 +2992,13 @@ class singleWorker(QThread):
payload += pubSigningKey[1:] #The \x04 on the beginning of the public keys are not sent. This way there is only one acceptable way to encode and send a public key.
payload += pubEncryptionKey[1:]
payload += encodeVarint(config.getint(fromaddress,'noncetrialsperbyte'))#todo: check and see whether the addressee is in our address book, subscription list, or whitelist and set lower POW requirement if yes.
payload += encodeVarint(config.getint(fromaddress,'payloadlengthextrabytes'))
#If the receiver of our message is in our address book, subscriptions list, or whitelist then we will allow them to do the network-minimum proof of work. Let us check to see if the receiver is in any of those lists.
if isAddressInMyAddressBookSubscriptionsListOrWhitelist(toaddress):
payload += encodeVarint(networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte)
payload += encodeVarint(networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes)
payload += encodeVarint(config.getint(fromaddress,'noncetrialsperbyte'))
payload += encodeVarint(config.getint(fromaddress,'payloadlengthextrabytes'))
payload += toHash #This hash will be checked by the receiver of the message to verify that toHash belongs to them. This prevents a Surreptitious Forwarding Attack.
payload += '\x02' #Type 2 is simple UTF-8 message encoding as specified on the Protocol Specification on the Bitmessage Wiki.
@ -3024,17 +3057,11 @@ class singleWorker(QThread):
nonce = 0
trialValue = 99999999999999999999
encodedStreamNumber = encodeVarint(toStreamNumber)
#We are now dropping the unencrypted data in payload since it has already been encrypted and replacing it with the encrypted payload that we will send out.
payload = embeddedTime + encodedStreamNumber + encrypted
payload = embeddedTime + encodeVarint(toStreamNumber) + encrypted
target = 2**64 / ((len(payload)+requiredPayloadLengthExtraBytes+8) * requiredAverageProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte)
print '(For msg message) Doing proof of work. Target:', target
print 'Using requiredAverageProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte', requiredAverageProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte
print 'Using requiredPayloadLengthExtraBytes =', requiredPayloadLengthExtraBytes
print 'The required total difficulty is', float(requiredAverageProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte)/networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte
print 'The required small message difficulty is', float(requiredPayloadLengthExtraBytes)/networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes
print '(For msg message) Doing proof of work. Total required difficulty:', float(requiredAverageProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte)/networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte,'Required small message difficulty:', float(requiredPayloadLengthExtraBytes)/networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes
powStartTime = time.time()
initialHash = hashlib.sha512(payload).digest()
@ -3107,8 +3134,7 @@ class singleWorker(QThread):
def generateFullAckMessage(self,ackdata,toStreamNumber,embeddedTime):
nonce = 0
trialValue = 99999999999999999999
encodedStreamNumber = encodeVarint(toStreamNumber)
payload = embeddedTime + encodedStreamNumber + ackdata
payload = embeddedTime + encodeVarint(toStreamNumber) + ackdata
target = 2**64 / ((len(payload)+networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes+8) * networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte)
print '(For ack message) Doing proof of work...'
@ -3146,7 +3172,6 @@ class addressGenerator(QThread):
def run(self):
if self.addressVersionNumber == 3:
if self.deterministicPassphrase == "":
statusbar = 'Generating one new address'