Removed unused imports from bitmessagemain

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Jordan Hall 2013-06-23 21:30:16 +01:00
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commit 9925d55df2
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@ -22,32 +22,12 @@ alreadyAttemptedConnectionsList = {
numberOfObjectsThatWeHaveYetToCheckAndSeeWhetherWeAlreadyHavePerPeer = {}
neededPubkeys = {}
import sys
import Queue
from addresses import *
import shared
from defaultKnownNodes import *
import time
import socket
import threading
import hashlib
from struct import *
import pickle
import random
import sqlite3
from time import strftime, localtime, gmtime
import string
import socks
import highlevelcrypto
from pyelliptic.openssl import OpenSSL
#import ctypes
import signal # Used to capture a Ctrl-C keypress so that Bitmessage can shutdown gracefully.
# The next 3 are used for the API
from SimpleXMLRPCServer import *
import json
from subprocess import call # used when the API must execute an outside program
import singleton
import proofofwork
# Classes
from class_sqlThread import *
@ -60,10 +40,6 @@ from class_addressGenerator import *
# Helper Functions
import helper_startup
import helper_bootstrap
import helper_inbox
import helper_sent
import helper_generic
import helper_bitcoin
def isInSqlInventory(hash):
t = (hash,)