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pybitmessage (0.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Don't use pubkeys table
to send pubkeys to peers now that we maintain them
in the inventory table for 28 days anyway
* Added new API function: getStatus
* Display privacy warning when Broadcast is selected on Send tab
* Added error-handling around all sock.sendall() functions
in the receiveData thread so that if there is a problem
sending data, the threads will close gracefully
* Merge branch 'master' of
* Abandoned and removed the connectionsCount data structure;
use the connectedHostsList instead because it has proved to be
more accurate than trying to maintain the connectionsCount
* Add .dat files to .gitignore
* Added daemon mode. All UI code moved into a module and many
shared objects moved into
* First bit of code necessary for version 3 addresses
* Truncate display of very long messages to avoid freezing the UI
* Continued working on v3 addresses
* Added encrypted broadcasts for v3 addresses or v2 addresses
after 2013-05-28 10:00 UTC
* Implimented broadcast encryption (testing completed)
* No longer self.sock.close() from within receiveDataThreads,
let the sendDataThreads do it
* Use sock.shutdown() before sock.close()
* Swapped out the v2 announcements subscription address for a v3
announcements subscription address
* Test socket.close change
* Vacuum the messages.dat file once a month: will greatly reduce the file size
* Add a simple printLock
* Added a settings table in message.dat
* Added extra statements for troubleshooting
* Implemented v3 addresses:
pubkey messages must now include two var_ints: nonce_trials_per_byte
and extra_bytes, and also be signed. When sending a message to a v3
address, the sender must use these values in calculating its POW or
else the message will not be accepted by the receiver.
* set hard date for encrypted-broadcast switchover
* Display a privacy warning when selecting 'Send Broadcast from this address'
* Truncate display of long messages to avoid freezing the UI
* Added gitignore file
* Bump version number to 0.3.0
* Added code in preparation for a switch from 32-bit time to 64-bit time.
Nodes will now advertise themselves as using protocol version 2.
* Most daemon code done
* Don't necessarily delete entries from the inventory after 2.5 days;
leave pubkeys there for 28 days so that we don't process the same ones
many times throughout a month. This was causing the 'pubkeys processed'
indicator on the 'Network Status' tab to not accurately reflect the
number of truly new addresses on the network.
* Continued daemon mode implementation
* Use 32 threads for outgoing connections in order to connect quickly
* More daemon related changes
* Fix typo when calling os.environ in the sys.platform=='darwin' case
* API-related changes
* Allow the cancelling of a message which is in the process of being
sent by trashing it then restarting Bitmessage
* Further deamon-related changes
* Use different data structure
to maintain the number of connections shown on the Network Status tab
* Better error handling around sock.sendall
* Support switching to and from portable mode without restarting
* Added API Function: getStatus
* Close application if not daemon and PyQt not found
* Bug fix: can't delete address from address book
-- Bob Mottram (4096 bits) <> Tue, 6 May 2013 12:06:00 +0100