Locale for non-QT UI strings

Some parts of strings did not use the proper locale. For example, date
and time strings was always output with the US locale. This fixes it.
There are still some cases where localisation is not implemented, and
could be changed from str(string) to locale.str(string).
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Peter Šurda 2016-04-25 18:14:42 +02:00
parent 0507411696
commit af098e4805
1 changed files with 12 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ from about import *
from help import *
from iconglossary import *
from connect import *
import locale as pythonlocale
import sys
from time import strftime, localtime, gmtime
import time
@ -99,6 +100,17 @@ def change_translation(locale):
lang = l10n.getTranslationLanguage()
if "_" not in lang:
lang += "_" + lang.upper()
if ".utf8" not in lang.lower():
lang += ".utf8"
pythonlocale.setlocale(pythonlocale.LC_ALL, lang)
logger.error("Failed to set locale to %s", lang)
class MyForm(settingsmixin.SMainWindow):
# sound type constants