strip addresses before use rather than saying invalid characters

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Jonathan Warren 2013-04-04 12:43:45 -04:00
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commit b204de9949
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@ -122,14 +122,8 @@ def encodeAddress(version,stream,ripe):
def decodeAddress(address):
#returns (status, address version number, stream number, data (almost certainly a ripe hash))
"""#check for the BM- at the front of the address. If it isn't there, this address might be for a different version of Bitmessage
if address[:3] != 'BM-':
status = 'missingbm'
return status,0,0,0
#take off the BM-
integer = decodeBase58(address[3:])"""
address = str(address).strip()
#changed Bitmessage to accept addresses that lack the "BM-" prefix.
if address[:3] == 'BM-':
integer = decodeBase58(address[3:])
@ -189,6 +183,7 @@ def decodeAddress(address):
return status,addressVersionNumber,streamNumber,'\x00\x00'+data[bytesUsedByVersionNumber+bytesUsedByStreamNumber:-4]
def addBMIfNotPresent(address):
address = str(address).strip()
if address[:3] != 'BM-':
return 'BM-'+address