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lakshyacis 2019-10-10 12:56:39 +05:30
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@ -2,9 +2,11 @@
SQL-related functions defined here are really pass the queries (or other SQL
commands) to :class:`.threads.sqlThread` through `sqlSubmitQueue` queue and check
or return the result got from `sqlReturnQueue`.
This is done that way because :mod:`sqlite3` is so thread-unsafe that they
won't even let you call it from different threads using your own locks.
SQLite objects can only be used from one thread.
.. note:: This actually only applies for certain deployments, and/or
really old version of sqlite. I haven't actually seen it anywhere.
Current versions do have support for threading and multiprocessing.
@ -92,13 +94,15 @@ def sqlExecute(sqlStatement, *args):
return rowcount
def sqlStoredProcedure(procName):
"""Schedule procName to be run"""
class SqlBulkExecute:
class SqlBulkExecute(object):
"""This is used when you have to execute the same statement in a cycle."""
def __enter__(self):