preparation for switch from 32 bit time to 64 bit time in protocol

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Jonathan Warren 2013-04-17 14:42:03 -04:00
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commit f75f0b20a8
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@ -1481,6 +1481,8 @@ class receiveDataThread(QThread):
if len(data) != lengthOfNumberOfAddresses + (38 * numberOfAddressesIncluded):
print 'addr message does not contain the correct amount of data. Ignoring.'
print 'len of addr data is correct:', len(data)
needToWriteKnownNodesToDisk = False
for i in range(0,numberOfAddressesIncluded):
@ -1516,7 +1518,7 @@ class receiveDataThread(QThread):
break #giving up on unpacking any more. We should still be connected however.
recaddrPort, = unpack('>H',data[36+lengthOfNumberOfAddresses+(38*i):42+lengthOfNumberOfAddresses+(38*i)])
recaddrPort, = unpack('>H',data[36+lengthOfNumberOfAddresses+(38*i):38+lengthOfNumberOfAddresses+(38*i)])
except Exception, err:
sys.stderr.write('ERROR TRYING TO UNPACK recaddr (recaddrPort). Message: %s\n' % str(err))