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Alexx Saver 50ee7fa740
Fix subprocess.check_call 5 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov a1a8d3a05d
Fixed undesirable log_level replacement in depends 5 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 5115425a61
Debian forgotten in e92a85e 5 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov e1d2ead701
Fix exception 'KeyError: None' in checkdeps introduced in e92a85e,
Fixes #1316
5 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov e92a85e1c5
Rewritten detectOSRelease() to pull values from dict 6 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 4eb3a00625
Minimum supported python is 2.7.4. Changed the check and log msg. 6 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 9f8955ccdd
Reused depends in checkdeps script and formatted it also,
made checkdeps executable instead of depends
6 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 701521c55a
flake8: depends 6 years ago
coffeedogs 3b75d900f6
Added: Sphinx docs, testing readthedocs integration
* Added: Sphinx configuration including readthedocs config
 * Added: Sphinx fabric task to auto-document the project
 * Fixed: Some issues in the code causing autodoc to fail when parsing
 * Added: Manual docs - structure, proof of concepts and RsT examples
 * Fixed: RsT formatting in docstrings
 * Fixed: Some adjacent minor style and lint issues
6 years ago
Mahendra 8d48164734
fix indentation error in dependency file 6 years ago
Mahendra ee7b591c6c
added docstring for requirement dependency 6 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 50b74c2223
No lib symlinks in openwrt 6 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 76fed78211
Made it possible to use installed umsgpack 7 years ago
Peter Šurda 965f3548ac
Depends checking updates
- checks for msgpack
- can distinguish OS and make a recommendation with respect to the
  relevant package manager
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 6778d6046f
Add OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility
- thanks to Wolfgang Frisch <>
7 years ago
mailchuck b7e24fab4a DLL path fix in frozen mode
Addresses #152
8 years ago
bmng-dev 29e75ac7c6 Update the required Python version to 2.7.3 9 years ago
bmng-dev 23b55652b9 New depends module to check dependencies. Moved version check to new depends module. 9 years ago