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lakshyacis 28cfe78e67
helper_random pylint fixes 4 years ago
lakshyacis e97d02ed78
depends pylint fixes 4 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov ad2a2b3fb4
Inherit helper_threading.StoppableThread from threading.Thread
and do random.seed() in its __init__
4 years ago
coffeedogs dd1ee618a5
Fixed: Simple Codacy errors and warnings in src/helper_*
* Some local pickle operations and non-cryptographic random operations
were marked as safe to the bandit linter
 * A bandit config file was added and assert warnings are now ignored globally
 * Tightened up exception handling and code style
5 years ago
Mahendra 1a36361ef9
replace all with helper random function 5 years ago
Mahendra 6076e1832a
implement more helper random changes with replace 5 years ago
Mahendra 48b8af975a
added random(sample, shuffle, randrange) methods in helper_random 5 years ago
Peter Šurda 27f5de0f9c
Unified random number provider
- not used yet, just an inactive helper function
- I received feedback that OpenSSL.rand isn't more secure than
os.urandom. I read several debates/analyses about it and concur
6 years ago