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Dmitri Bogomolov b5df242141
Fixed badly formatted docstrings and some wrong text 4 years ago
lakshyacis a6f951d37f
openssl pylint fixes 4 years ago
lakshyacis 4448e6ee7b
hash pylint fixes 4 years ago
lakshyacis e0d81bb7e8
cipher pylint fixes 4 years ago
lakshyacis fa65b17fc9
__init__ pylint fixes 4 years ago
Peter Šurda b934c4e01e
Minor refactoring to separate objects 4 years ago
Peter Šurda 2e0f7755c6
Blind signature support in pyelliptic
- add blind signature functionality to pyelliptic as described in #1409
- add tests for blind signatures
- PEP8 fixes for pyelliptic
- some minor refactoring is necessary for further integration, this is just a
  minimal implementation to pass a test
4 years ago
coffeedogs 78ddb2f2f2
Changes based on style and lint checks. (final_code_quality_12) 5 years ago
coffeedogs 3b75d900f6
Added: Sphinx docs, testing readthedocs integration
* Added: Sphinx configuration including readthedocs config
 * Added: Sphinx fabric task to auto-document the project
 * Fixed: Some issues in the code causing autodoc to fail when parsing
 * Added: Manual docs - structure, proof of concepts and RsT examples
 * Fixed: RsT formatting in docstrings
 * Fixed: Some adjacent minor style and lint issues
5 years ago
coffeedogs ab1dd319e3
Fixed: Code style and lint fixes 5 years ago
Dmitri Bogomolov 50b74c2223
No lib symlinks in openwrt 5 years ago
Peter Šurda a95f4aa255
LibreSSL compatibility
- code distinguishes between OpenSSL 1.1.x and LibreSSL and works with
6 years ago
Peter Šurda 59b5ac3a61
OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility fixes
- function check missed 1.1.0 release
- TLS didn't work with anonymous ciphers
6 years ago
Peter Šurda 6778d6046f
Add OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility
- thanks to Wolfgang Frisch <>
6 years ago
mailchuck 2043d796dd Typo 7 years ago
mailchuck a0da175d45 Typo 7 years ago
mailchuck dc34c00f38 Improve OpenSSL library finder 7 years ago
Jonathan Warren 6ebf8666dc support SHA256 signatures 8 years ago
Jonathan Warren e898b40203 Removed obsolete Protocol v2 code 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren c306062282 Bitmessage Protocol Version Three 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren fbfbbf68b5 support pyelliptic's updated HMAC algorithm 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren 24452cddb2 check return value of RAND_bytes 10 years ago
RemideZ 2c8ca6623a Update 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren a6c9ff288e manuall merge github issue #229 10 years ago
Maran 5e66e81ab7 Make sure libcrypto from brew is linked. In the resulting .app 10 years ago
Francis Chong a041d48375 [OSX] Try to seek homebrew installation of openssl, fixes #76 10 years ago
fuzzgun b79d1e93f5 Debian packaging 10 years ago