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mailchuck 2adfa6a178 Ubuntu notification fixes
Notification should work irrespective of whether the new message shows
up in the messagelist.
8 years ago
mailchuck 1174fb394a Indicate message sending
Fixes #83
8 years ago
mailchuck 6123b27315 removeInboxRowByMsgid fixes
Now undertands messagelists and has better performance.
Haven't tested it yet though because it's triggered through API.
I think it fixes #85
8 years ago
mailchuck 7478440bd6 Update unread count more efficiently
Fixes #63. There are still some situations which can be improved but it
appears good enough.
8 years ago
mailchuck 9abc937cb3 More unified colors in foldertree and messagelists
Some parts still not colored in a unified way.
Fixes #84
8 years ago
mailchuck 6383f48ef2 Show tooltips on addressbook
Fixes #68
8 years ago
mailchuck 63431556be Make subscription/chan labels editable
Fixes #67
8 years ago
mailchuck 77382a2424 Refactoring foldertree
Colors consistent
Sorting more consistent
Deduplication of methods
Context menu enable/disable affects tree
Fixes #73
8 years ago
mailchuck 1c4015d359 Spanish wrongly spelled
Fixes #74
8 years ago
mailchuck 4522ea46d3 Sent in chans and subscriptions columns
Now it shows "from" instead of "to" column when selecting sent folder in
subscriptions or chans.

Fixes #53
8 years ago
mailchuck 2cc7506619 Addressbook contains chans, subscriptions and is sorted
Fixes #5
8 years ago
mailchuck 39dc34b158 Sent folder for chans and subscriptions
Fixes #53
8 years ago
mailchuck 1d86f7a699 Put mailing lists behind normal accounts
Fixes #58
8 years ago
mailchuck f6bd312dc5 New message in correct tab
Newly arriving messages now appear in the correct tab. Previously it
assumed it was always "Messages" tab. Partially addresses #3.
8 years ago
mailchuck 55b69f2e8b Fix keypress in chan and subscription messagelists
Fixes #65
8 years ago
mailchuck ab113745bd Remove expletive
That wasn't necessary.
8 years ago
mailchuck 2ec04ede40 Passive version check
Bitmessage will now notify you if it encounters someone with a newer
version. Takes into account that it should not recommend switching from
stable to unstable and vice versa. Also, temporarily treats 0.5 as a
mailchuck fork.

Fixes #43
8 years ago
mailchuck 3ffea81d02 No more Mailchuck Pybitmessage 2nd
Last commit only changed loading, this also saving.
8 years ago
mailchuck f47d28bb59 There will not be a Mailchuck PyBitmessage anymore
Since I'm merging my fork into normal pybitmessage, there won't be
separate configs.
8 years ago
mailchuck 7625b4f101 Version bump
Just for development
8 years ago
mailchuck 3566b82c9f Special address behaviour updates send comboboxes
Fixes #57
8 years ago
mailchuck 705ffacd8b Changing label updates SendFrom combobox
Fixes #2
8 years ago
mailchuck d51431b1dc Account listing and sorting
- account listing and sorting has now a common function to reuse
- combobox send from is now sorted, Fixes #59
8 years ago
mailchuck afeadcf8d2 Switch to tab you're replying from
Fixes #64
8 years ago
mailchuck 059f113d95 Account labels become editable again
Fixes #60
8 years ago
mailchuck 5ac17e456d Fix reply unicode subject
Fixes #62
8 years ago
mailchuck 343b3532c5 Show subscription unread count
Subscriptions were not showing unread count. This commit implements it.
8 years ago
mailchuck c83255d4d4 Bump up version 8 years ago
mailchuck 7998d77b9c Broadcast sending from was wrong
Fixes #51
8 years ago
mailchuck 5b12f2dffa Chan and subscription trash
Fixes #6
8 years ago
mailchuck faeaad212d Replies to mailing lists
Attempt to fix #49. Will close after positive feedback.
8 years ago
mailchuck bf9bdaadc5 Fix reply-to subscriptions and labels
Closes #1
Also attempts to solve #49 but needs testing.
8 years ago
mailchuck 23207749d1 Constant in a separate file
str_broadcast_subscribers should not be specific to the main UI class
8 years ago
mailchuck 9d2e114712 Add BroadcastAccount class
This will help to distinguish between general broadcasts and
8 years ago
mailchuck 3911525d75 Remember main window geometry and state on exit
Main window geometry and state is saved on exit and restored on load.
Uses default QSettings in python.
8 years ago
mailchuck b776eb7f36 Formatting change
Was not folding properly in editor, made it more python-like
8 years ago
mailchuck 001ec14d72 Messages tab resizable
- the separator between folder tree and message list is now resizable
- the separator between list of messages and message content is
- only for message tab, chans, subscriptions and others are still not
8 years ago
mailchuck 4db1a5ea48 Subscriptions
Initial subscription fix. Still does not always display the list from
the correct folder, and it currently does not update unread count on
8 years ago
mailchuck 59a562228d Fix
8 years ago
mailchuck e10b9cbff4 Resizable fields
Inbox folder/message now resizable
8 years ago
mailchuck 321bf9a6c9 Chan UI fix
Minor chan UI fix. Still not completely smooth but mostly working.
8 years ago
mailchuck 552876e43e Gateway register/unregister changes
- do not register/unregister channels or mailing lists
- send registration/unregistration request irrespective of whether the
client thinks it's registered or not. We don't know for sure it knows it
correctly so don't assume that, it may confuse users
8 years ago
mailchuck 5525176216 Chan updates
- chans now work with the new interface, still some bugs present
- chans do not have a sent folder anymore (you'll see sent messages in
the sent folder of the account you're sending it from)
8 years ago
mailchuck b8baceb629 Fix: recurse prevention
In case something screws up, prevent recursive changes through
8 years ago
mailchuck 1cab8bf549 Fix: gateway registration updates label
When registering on a gateway, the label change will be displayed
8 years ago
mailchuck ccae351e65 Fix: do not update account name from folder name
Last commit caused changes in unread count of folder to change the
account name. This is now fixed.
8 years ago
mailchuck 80afc489d8 Editable address labels
Address labels can be edited now (F2 or double click)
8 years ago
mailchuck 2bc9c7ff4c Email gateway integration
Sending/receiving from the send tab, reply from inbox and
registration/unregistration context menu.
8 years ago
mailchuck b4fa5d4abf Gateway update and sort fix
- shows gateway parser results more accurately
- gateway class assigned dynamically
- inbox sort order is aware of what you click on and defaults to
8 years ago
mailchuck 033be9b5bf Email Gateway UI implementation
First steps, only a tiny part works
8 years ago