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lakshyacis d9ef4a8e8d
fix spelling mistakes 4 years ago
sandakersmann 9119507b03
Changed copyright year to 2020 4 years ago
sandakersmann 8924d4be5c
Changed copyright year to 2019 5 years ago
coffeedogs ce955ba844
Fixed: Style and lint issues in src/ 6 years ago
Humz 301cd9639c
changed license to match feedback
6 years ago
Humz 2cf57dcb9b
Updated license years
from 2016 to 2018
6 years ago
mailchuck b724d3ee4f Copyright year updates 8 years ago
Jonathan Warren 8c7031f56d changed 2013 to 2014 in copyright notices 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren 7a7385496e Fix #472 10 years ago
fuzzgun b79d1e93f5 Debian packaging 11 years ago
tpltnt 9a43ff9914 license added 11 years ago