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Peter Šurda 6062277d60
Rename to
- it was causing problems with py2app because the source of python's own
  CongigParser is also
2017-02-22 09:34:54 +01:00
Peter Šurda ac348e4e6b
Fixes and refactoring
- fixes errors introduced in the earlier refactoring
- more variables moved to
- path finding functions moved to
- remembers IPv6 network unreachable (in the future can be used to skip
  IPv6 for a while)
2017-01-11 17:00:00 +01:00
Peter Šurda 8bcfe80ad0
Refactoring of config parser and
- got rid of shared config parser and made it into a singleton
- refactored safeConfigGetBoolean as a method of the config singleton
- refactored safeConfigGet as a method of the config singleton
- moved softwareVersion from into
- moved some global variables from into
- moved some protocol-specific functions from into
2017-01-11 14:27:19 +01:00
Peter Šurda 2c972fbe41
"Fetch Namecoin ID" button font size fixed 2016-10-24 22:29:14 +02:00
Peter Šurda c58c1969e5
Increase width of TTL slider
- horizontal slider was too narrow and unusable on the latest Fedora.
  Increased size and tested at 800x600 to make sure it's not too wide
2016-08-21 07:23:46 +02:00
mailchuck 98313d594f Sender autocompletion
Sender autocompletion now works, and is based on the l labels in the
addressbook (i.e. all addressbook entries, all subscriptions and chans).

Repurposed C code from
2016-05-02 15:00:26 +02:00
Peter Šurda ad6d55cebe Translations update
- TTL hours/days now has correct plurals/paucals
- TTL description updates better when changing language (was "X days")
- language sources updated
2016-05-02 15:00:26 +02:00
Peter Šurda 658d52fb4f TTL/Send tab fixes
Now stretches correctly and does not unnecessarily shorten the text.
2016-05-02 15:00:26 +02:00
mailchuck 360d41792c Tab labels
Network status and Blacklist labels fix.
2016-05-02 15:00:26 +02:00
Peter Šurda e9f62efa4b Default compose body "untranslate"
There is no reason to retranslate the default message/broadcast body,
and the default was just confusing HTML with no content.
2016-05-02 15:00:25 +02:00
Peter Šurda 412e175f27 Translation updates
Added a RetranslateMixin. Since PyQT does not support automated language
changes of UI files (like the C++ QT does), this implements something
similar. It assumes that the UI file has the same name as the class, but

Added RetraslateMixin to the new blacklist and networkstatus interfaces.
2016-05-02 15:00:25 +02:00
mirrorwish 7800272d3a Refactor Blacklist tab 2016-05-02 15:00:25 +02:00
mirrorwish a23022b2db Refactor Network Status tab 2016-05-02 15:00:24 +02:00
mirrorwish 64fce79321 Refactor status icon 2016-05-02 15:00:24 +02:00
mailchuck 9353e8eff7 Message editor updates
- Does not allow changing fonts (it's ignored once it's sent anyway),
fixes #167
- Allows zooming, fixes #163
2016-05-02 15:00:23 +02:00
mailchuck 8359b8b202 Contact support user interface
Fixes #25
2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
mailchuck 751f9108d8 HTML detector and switcher
HTML messages are detected and if present, the top of the message
textedit displays a clickable area that switches HTML rendering on and

Fixes #13
2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
mailchuck 79e199b45a Show sync status in Network tab
Addresses Bitmessage#745 (but no API exposure yet)
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
mailchuck 5b724f366e Prepare for tree widgets to store settings
Precursor for #12
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
mailchuck 2921b6553b TTL/send splitter shouldn't save state
Because it also cannot be resized from the UI
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
mailchuck 83850536cf Do not store search splitter state
It causes problems because it can't be resized through GUI.
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
mailchuck d5743f12b9 More tabs resizable and save state
Fixes #15
Addresses #12
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
mailchuck 001ec14d72 Messages tab resizable
- the separator between folder tree and message list is now resizable
- the separator between list of messages and message content is
- only for message tab, chans, subscriptions and others are still not
2016-05-02 15:00:18 +02:00
mailchuck e10b9cbff4 Resizable fields
Inbox folder/message now resizable
2016-05-02 15:00:18 +02:00
mailchuck 9a6db480bd Typo 2016-05-02 15:00:18 +02:00
sbkaf 800fd2a143 finished implementing more email client like interface 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
sbkaf f6f68dc975 start changing QTreeWiget 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
sbkaf 585873e4f3 interface 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
sbkaf 44414c2e88 make interface look more like an e-mail programm, not yet functional 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
Jonathan Warren cc712cb8ff finished work on specifyTTL 2015-03-09 02:35:32 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 9044e84093 some specifyTTL work completed 2015-03-03 14:04:12 -05:00
Jonathan Warren f7c2aa0e4a Improve default text seen after changing UI language 2015-01-08 17:08:35 -05:00
Jonathan Warren 9e16e81283 resolve merge conflict and show transfer rate 2014-08-01 17:25:47 -04:00
Yuri f107b0fbd9 Addition of bytes received/sent counts on the network information tab. 2014-07-07 13:30:23 -07:00
Jonathan Warren 3b41eafa7b revert main window to previous size 2013-11-02 18:01:36 -04:00
sendiulo aed489a2bc Merge branch 'upstream/master'
2013-09-21 16:24:14 +02:00
sendiulo d6bd2b3938 - GUI settings done 2013-09-21 14:31:47 +02:00
sendiulo a58164d831 - additional identicon type "empty" if you want to have a placeholder
- place image named 'default.*' to display a generic user icon as fallback
- place image named '[Broadcast Subscribers].*' to set the icon for broadcasts
2013-09-21 13:21:36 +02:00
sendiulo 86485a9b09 nonfunctional identicon settings-GUI 2013-09-18 17:39:45 +02:00
bitnukl 5d64919e1f resized main window to fit translations without scrolling
Now all translations fit in wothout scrolling (tested de, eo, fr and ru)
2013-09-07 10:54:26 +00:00
Jonathan Warren 6159d5e622 Show inventory lookup rate on Network Status tab 2013-09-03 18:08:29 -04:00
UnderSampled 85fc2682f0 remove inbox and sent tables edit triggers. 2013-08-15 14:21:07 -04:00
UnderSampled 13f029f34c Set inbox and sent preview panels to read only. 2013-08-15 10:01:36 -04:00
UnderSampled 782214c7b7 Allow inbox and sent preview panels to resize. 2013-08-14 23:21:05 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 27f10f6ac1 fix merge conflicts 2013-08-12 00:09:36 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 1a43402ad2 Adjusted size of main window back to the way it was 2013-08-09 14:21:24 -04:00
Cameron Conn fde0739652 made readable, and added icons and shortcuts to the menubar 2013-08-01 00:26:46 -05:00
Daniel Kraft 665659f214 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-27 08:24:52 +02:00
Jonathan Warren d036ca18ed Completed chan integration in the GUI 2013-07-22 01:10:22 -04:00
Daniel Kraft a2fe6a1b44 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-17 18:15:45 +02:00