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Peter Šurda 59f3a2fbe7
Reduce cyclic dependencies
- rearranged code to reduce cyclic dependencies
- doCleanShutdown is separated in
- shared queues are separated in
- some default values were moved to
- knownnodes partially moved to
7 years ago
Peter Šurda fa0a3135e7
Fixes pointed out by
- missing/wrong/obsolete imports
- logger formatting
7 years ago
Peter Šurda ac348e4e6b
Fixes and refactoring
- fixes errors introduced in the earlier refactoring
- more variables moved to
- path finding functions moved to
- remembers IPv6 network unreachable (in the future can be used to skip
  IPv6 for a while)
7 years ago
mirrorwish a7ec4c0555 Some preparations for python 3 8 years ago
Jonathan Warren cc712cb8ff finished work on specifyTTL 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren c306062282 Bitmessage Protocol Version Three 9 years ago
Yuri 42faf2aaa0 [NEW FEATURE] Implemented the indicator in tray icon that there are unread messages. 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren 035d3af612 revert to the state it was in before I used it for debugging 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren d51fe37a66 added requested API commands for mobile device 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren 17533237fe some initial work done to support particular android client 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren d036ca18ed Completed chan integration in the GUI 11 years ago
Gregor Robinson 84035772f2 Rename files with spaces in names.
These filenames are technically allowed, but aren't that fun.
11 years ago