17 Commits (5f955ba52f10c6167e82ec870cbb327a6ca1de2d)

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citizenaspirant 5f955ba52f debian package building added 2 years ago
Peter Šurda 3033520995
Directory maintenance 6 years ago
rzr d9f06d1e62 debian: dont depends on dev packages 7 years ago
fuzzgun b37e0ec027 Changelog update for 0.4.0 9 years ago
Bob Mottram 3ff76875aa Packaging updated to be architecture independent 9 years ago
Bob Mottram 1e78685a98 Fixed missing repository 9 years ago
Bob Mottram 2af86c8296 Improving the Ebuild 9 years ago
fuzzgun 1ab664564b Play sounds on connection/disconnection or when messages arrive 9 years ago
fuzzgun d04b8747c7 Use python2 within /usr/bin/pybitmessage #296 9 years ago
fuzzgun d3b76eb610 python2-gevent is optional 9 years ago
fuzzgun 10b23d0946 Packaging for multiple distros 9 years ago
fuzzgun 7825a3511b Notification when new mail arrives in Ubuntu 9 years ago
fuzzgun 24094949cf Beginning of integration with Ubuntu Messaging Menu 9 years ago
fuzzgun db114ea30b Added minimum version numbers to Debian control file 9 years ago
fuzzgun 57eef77070 sqlite3 dependency 9 years ago
fuzzgun 781e835661 Qt4 dependencies 10 years ago
fuzzgun b79d1e93f5 Debian packaging 10 years ago