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sendiulo 6c20d83edc Merge branch 'upstream/master'
2013-08-27 12:10:46 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 1b5158d658 refactored so that it can make use of a pre-set shared.appdata variable 2013-08-25 18:55:53 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 82db79ca39 removed option from previous commit which allowed user-settable maximum network message size pending further discussion 2013-08-24 20:23:49 -04:00
Jonathan Warren a5c65f11e8 resolve merge conflict 2013-08-24 20:18:46 -04:00
sendiulo da93d1d8b4 Combobox for language selection.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to automatically provide all the languages that are available as *.qm files. By now we have to manually set the combobox items and the list for the languages in the bitmessageqt/
2013-08-24 09:07:46 +02:00
sendiulo a6b946f5be Enable user-set loclization. There is a checkbox in the settings to switch this on and off. The text field in the settings can be filled with the appropriate language code.
I've set it to degrade to language codes in both the user-set locale and the imported default locale, e.g. if there is no 'en_US' then use 'en' (like grant olsons commit).
2013-08-21 16:08:22 +02:00
Bob Mottram 3063c256d4 Maximum message length configurable within keys.dat 2013-08-03 12:45:15 +01:00
Daniel Kraft 665659f214 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-27 08:24:52 +02:00
Jonathan Warren ebccf1e6e0 Merge branch 'master' of into askToConnectFirst 2013-07-24 11:46:41 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 350e8d66c7 Prompt user to connect at first startup 2013-07-24 11:46:28 -04:00
Jonathan Warren f5e17eeeaa Moved code to add the sockslisten config option to a spot where it will actually work properly 2013-07-24 00:29:30 -04:00
Daniel Kraft a2fe6a1b44 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-17 18:15:45 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 73f3b5d92c Merge pull request #297 from mybluevan/master
Adding configuration to listen for incoming connections when connected via SOCKS proxy
2013-07-15 15:05:15 -07:00
David Nichols 922cce6558 Initializing sockslisten config value to account for upgrades. Otherwise, settings panel will not load. 2013-07-12 13:42:11 -05:00
David Nichols 97f0c56aa8 Adding configuration option to listen for connections when operating with a SOCKS proxy. 2013-07-12 13:03:09 -05:00
Daniel Kraft 03bb54fc98 Handle options for RPC connection.
Handle config options for RPC connection, and also implement loading
default user/password from namecoin config file.  No UI yet.
2013-07-05 20:08:19 +02:00
Gregor Robinson eba0878172 Merge branch 'master' of into keyfile_perm_fix 2013-06-27 12:42:18 +00:00
Gregor Robinson db3120f655 Fix #263 & #262: insecure keyfile permissions.
* Added conditional to keyfile fix code that excludes windows.
* Cleaned up old keyfile permissions fix.
* Added umask (not conditional against Windows, because I don't think that is necessary).
2013-06-27 10:02:52 +00:00
Jonathan Warren 1657dfec24 Move code related to settings file upgrade 2013-06-26 13:35:53 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 0b08fe6bad Some initial coding work for chans 2013-06-26 11:55:33 -04:00
Jordan Hall 2eb6558cf1 Added a number of missing imports fixing several issues (thank you PyDev) 2013-06-23 20:52:39 +01:00
Jonathan Warren c2f493b595 Fix issue #246 2013-06-22 10:55:15 -04:00
Jordan Hall 423e83d77c Split off some bootstrap and startup helper functions into their own files 2013-06-20 23:55:04 +01:00