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9 Commits (80b2bc1c9a4ae650b7d5ecf099338ac8d2df633c)

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Mahendra f71f895a11
helper_inbox formating
5 years ago
Peter Šurda 59f3a2fbe7
Reduce cyclic dependencies
6 years ago
mailchuck 7478440bd6 Update unread count more efficiently
7 years ago
Jonathan Warren 95c939a2a0 Fix #748 - Check hash of sig instead of message contents
8 years ago
Jonathan Warren b41fb616ae ignore duplicate messages
9 years ago
Yuri 42faf2aaa0 [NEW FEATURE] Implemented the indicator in tray icon that there are unread messages.
9 years ago
Amos Bairn f9d2a39c3d Restore "import shared" to helper_inbox
10 years ago
Grant T. Olson 5b23d99907 Have helper_inbox use helper_sql
10 years ago
Jordan Hall 138877f5f7 Placed repeated inbox and sent SQL operations into appropriate helper functions
10 years ago