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Peter Šurda 2a165380bb
Restrict outbound connections on network groups
Logic borrowed from bitcoin, see CNetAddr::GetGroup() in src/netaddress.cpp
Simplified, so may not work fully identically but for our purposes it's good
enough. Won't connect to more than one host from a /16 subnet on IPv4 and a /32
subnet on IPv6.
2019-11-18 12:20:29 +01:00
bug Lady 7e1f1d2604
fix 'true' not True
else error
2019-11-14 13:32:15 +01:00
Dmitri Bogomolov d6c1845b71
Moved Peer from state to network.node
and trustedPeer to network.connectionpool.BMConnectionPool attribute
2019-11-11 17:13:12 +02:00
George McCandless f871cd450c
Add test for 'onionservicesonly' mode.
Credit to Dmitri Bogomolov in commit 557a8cc6d2bec881b8a3c531d3f725460ed515f5.
2019-10-24 19:35:32 +00:00
Dmitri Bogomolov a48b51721d
Test new logging approach, both debug.logger and resetLogging 2019-10-18 09:35:31 +03:00
lakshyacis 944c30f9b4
test_config pylint fixes 2019-09-26 19:51:02 +05:30
lakshyacis 7839f83f20
test_api pylint fixes 2019-09-26 19:50:53 +05:30
lakshyacis 8ed1d48799
core pylint fixes 2019-09-26 19:50:45 +05:30
Dmitri Bogomolov a7cfe5ba32
Try to test with tor 2019-09-25 18:55:01 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov bcb29facaa
A test for bootstrapping, have problem with test_tcpconnection ): 2019-09-25 18:55:01 +03:00
Peter Šurda 395fbcd0f0
Add intermediary tests
- primitive serialisation (BN_bn2bin and ctypes) used in intermediary tests
2019-08-28 13:21:44 +02:00
Peter Šurda b934c4e01e
Minor refactoring to separate objects 2019-08-27 23:13:58 +02:00
Peter Šurda 076aeaa19f
Import path changes as requested 2019-08-27 23:13:55 +02:00
Peter Šurda 2e0f7755c6
Blind signature support in pyelliptic
- add blind signature functionality to pyelliptic as described in #1409
- add tests for blind signatures
- PEP8 fixes for pyelliptic
- some minor refactoring is necessary for further integration, this is just a
  minimal implementation to pass a test
2019-08-27 23:13:45 +02:00
Dmitri Bogomolov ae76d369f2
A test for API command 'shutdown' 2019-08-01 12:04:12 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov bbab0010e6
Moved a test script from network.tcp to tests.core 2019-07-26 12:08:42 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 8b065d2e57
Fix unwanted AttributeError in messagetypes 2019-07-05 12:13:55 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 0d7b3a3823
Suppressed pylint warnings in test_crypto 2019-04-22 12:53:59 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov e163137893
Added pycrypto fallback for RIPEMD160 hash function 2019-04-22 12:53:59 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 7b9824afc9
Separate method for stopping the bitmessage process and new test case
for settings in the generated config, which particularly checks that
extralowdifficulty settings are not applied to daemon.
2019-04-22 12:19:09 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov acea683139
Test SIGTERM signal handling 2019-03-11 18:14:25 +02:00
Peter Šurda ca567acab3
Put uploads into a separate thread
- instead of being processed in the ReceiveQueue thread, uploads are now done
  in a dedicated thread. Only the parsing is done in ReceiveQueue thread.
- the UploadThread is modelled based on the DownloadThred, but simpler.
- it checks for intersection attack, eliminates duplicates and restricts the
  write buffer size to 2MB (may still grow slightly higher if too many big
  objects are requested, but the absolute limit appears to be about 4.5MB in the
  worst case scenario).
- the restriction of the write buffer may cause some upload throttling (to
  about 2MB per second per connection), but can be optimised later
- fixes #1414
2018-12-20 20:34:01 +01:00
Dmitri Bogomolov ae2cebb2a6
Minimal test for clientStatus consistency 2018-11-01 16:52:33 +02:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 1c2bef46c1
e417b62 allows to remove sleep from cleaner test 2018-10-22 17:18:25 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov daf556ca50
Added tests for knownnodes:
- import of pickled knownnodes;
  - default knownnodes if nothing imported;
  - knownnodes starvation (#1335), demanded changes in networkthread.
2018-10-22 17:18:24 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 2bbda63b9c
Added address length check 2018-10-22 17:18:24 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov c8a781c7c5
Marked use of random, subprocess and xmlrpclib in tests
for skipping by bandit
2018-10-22 17:18:24 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov cfdb6beb54
Moved tests from helper_msgcoding into TestCore.test_msgcoding() 2018-10-22 17:18:24 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov ea8991c05b
Test case for config, not runs pybitmessage yet 2018-10-22 17:18:24 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov d8b4682ee9
Style fixes and docstrings for tests 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov a3300ba8f1
A test case for core (which will be ran in main thread) 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 51df0507e2
Fixed signal files creation 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 589900f7c3
Added a test for chan creation/joining 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov c49c131929
New test case class hierarchy:
- TestProcessProto has common setUpClass and tearDownClass methods
  - TestProcess is for testing the PyBitmessage process (using psutil)
2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov c28d463261
Added doctstrings for all tests and a test for sendBroadcast API command 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 981dddade4
Added test for createRandomAddress API command 2018-10-22 17:18:23 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 10346c84aa
Basic API tests and simple apinotify handler 2018-10-22 17:18:22 +03:00