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Peter Šurda 2cc4435cfc
Imports, typos, syntax errors
- remove obsolete imports
- add missing imports
- fix typos
- fix syntax errors
- thanks to for report
7 years ago
mirrorwish a7ec4c0555 Some preparations for python 3 8 years ago
mailchuck 231219a193 Improved logging
Fixes #118

- changed almost all "print" into logger
- threads have nicer names
- logger can have configuration in "logger.dat" in the same directory as
"keys.dat", and the logger will pick the one named "default" to replace
the "console" and "file" that are in PyBitmessage otherwise

Example file for logging to syslog:

keys = root,syslog



keys = syslog

class = handlers.SysLogHandler
formatter = syslog
level = DEBUG
args=(('localhost', handlers.SYSLOG_UDP_PORT),

keys = syslog

format=%(asctime)s %(threadName)s %(filename)s@%(lineno)d %(message)s
datefmt=%b %d %H:%M:%S
8 years ago
Jonathan Warren c84cdecba4 Normalize the noncetrialsperbyte and payloadlengthextrabytes for each of the user's existing addresses 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren c306062282 Bitmessage Protocol Version Three 9 years ago
The Antius 6a68a0c8b6 Change decodeBase58 9 years ago
Jonathan Warren 4ec91b6ed0 modified addresses.decodeAddress so that API decodeAddress works properly 10 years ago
Jonathan Warren 56168e82b5 most initial work on v4 pubkeys completed 10 years ago
Adam Fontenot f3e8ce3b82 Made changes suggested by nimdahk 10 years ago
Adam Fontenot f6a07a374a Add backend ability to understand shorter addresses.
Introduces addresses version 4.
10 years ago
Jonathan Warren 0bc4712063 Continued daemon mode implementation 11 years ago
Jonathan Warren 9bac0b5311 First bit of code necessary for version 3 addresses 11 years ago
fuzzgun 0ca3f600cc Merge branch 'master' of 11 years ago
fuzzgun cb96f840a0 Merge branch 'master' of 11 years ago
fuzzgun b79d1e93f5 Debian packaging 11 years ago