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Peter Šurda ac348e4e6b
Fixes and refactoring
- fixes errors introduced in the earlier refactoring
- more variables moved to
- path finding functions moved to
- remembers IPv6 network unreachable (in the future can be used to skip
  IPv6 for a while)
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 8bcfe80ad0
Refactoring of config parser and
- got rid of shared config parser and made it into a singleton
- refactored safeConfigGetBoolean as a method of the config singleton
- refactored safeConfigGet as a method of the config singleton
- moved softwareVersion from into
- moved some global variables from into
- moved some protocol-specific functions from into
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 3d4869851e
Many changes on chan create/join dialog
- refactored to use the .ui file
- input logic change, address is always optional
- interactive input validation
- runs asynchronously to the main window
- address generator thread can now validate chans in addition to just
adding them
7 years ago
mailchuck 23207749d1 Constant in a separate file
str_broadcast_subscribers should not be specific to the main UI class
8 years ago
mailchuck 83109796fe Address Tree updates
The Address tree now is sorted and updates when number of unread
messages changes.
8 years ago