16 Commits (b6a81f1252531ff6ebe5b6563e6f17778f905eba)

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coffeedogs d0c2759c41
Fix issue #1288 4 years ago
coffeedogs e0d31d77c9
Fixed: Style and lint violations in src/bitmessagecli.py 5 years ago
fdemortain cafdff7f42
Update bitmessagecli.py 5 years ago
fdemortain ac297e8d33
Typos 5 years ago
Peter Šurda 07149c73c8
Get rid of evals 5 years ago
sigoa 394d564bdc
minor mod of ver. 5 years ago
sigoa a0e5ee4cce
utf chan name support, various fixes 5 years ago
Peter Šurda 18119339f8
Add shutdown to CLI 5 years ago
Peter Šurda 6062277d60
Rename configparser.py to bmconfigparser.py 6 years ago
Peter Šurda 2cc4435cfc
Imports, typos, syntax errors 6 years ago
Peter Šurda 8bcfe80ad0
Refactoring of config parser and shared.py 6 years ago
Peter Šurda e647d70bbc
New config parser class 6 years ago
ng0 d3a0404274 Fix python shebangs from `#!/usr/bin/env python2.7*' to `#!/usr/bin/python2.7'. 6 years ago
Peter Surda 69309b82fb Minor changes in cli, PoW, and a couple of new api calls. 7 years ago
Peter Šurda 8198e1922a Added a CLI interface to the daemon from 7 years ago