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Dmitri Bogomolov 08a2115412
Properly renamed qrcode plugin module and made menu available
for all address entries except for addressbook and blacklist
2018-03-13 13:46:47 +02:00
Peter Šurda bb5f1d6f98 typo
- surprisingly, it only was broken on some systems, e.g. Debian 8
2018-01-02 10:29:21 +01:00
Peter Šurda abea17ded9 check if directory already exists 2017-09-21 19:57:34 +02:00
Peter Šurda 196d688b13
Remove dependency checking from
- still silently checks for msgpack to set the setuptools requirements
  correctly, but does not display anything
2017-09-21 13:43:01 +02:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 53c3eeb8f7
Sound plugins using pycanberra and gst-python 2017-09-20 10:21:27 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov de531949e0 changes needed for indicator_libmessaging:
- entry point 'indicator' and new extra 'gir' which requires
   only pygobject
 - desktop entry
 - icons are renamed and placed into separate dirs for standard sizes,
   because data_files keyword not supports file renaming
2017-09-20 10:21:27 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov b77eb0c7e5
Namespace 'bitmessage' for plugins entry points 2017-09-20 10:21:27 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 289a6c5bfa
Added support for sound notification plugins which use
the desktop sound theme, with pycanberra for example. Plugin name should
start with 'theme' in that case, whereas the name of plugins playing the
sound file starts with 'file'.
2017-09-20 10:21:27 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov ef8f40ccc4
Moved notifications to plugins (including sound) 2017-09-20 10:21:27 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov fc960cbf86
Fixed own logical error
when missing msgpack package is being appended to install_requires
  list instead of the available one.
2017-08-29 13:50:49 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 76fed78211
Made it possible to use installed umsgpack 2017-06-12 13:54:44 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 06fed6f9c2 second exception in list can be treated as variable 2017-06-12 12:58:16 +03:00
Dmitri Bogomolov b7f9e74eea added new packages appeared after 36b5e2c 2017-06-12 12:52:24 +03:00
Peter Šurda 82c3c111b7
Fix os-release open mode
- thanks to @Lvl4Sword for reporting
2017-05-12 14:39:25 +02:00
Peter Šurda 4c597d3f7c
Error handling for non-interactive
- thanks to @orlitzky #993
2017-04-30 10:41:55 +02:00
Peter Šurda e832ea1689 fix nested list 2017-04-04 12:31:52 +02:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 9aacef144b
Moved OS and package detection care to setuptools install command 2017-03-25 11:48:45 +02:00
Justin Ramos e97df3ad4d
print SystemExit exception messages instead of using the current build failure text
Signed-off-by: Justin Ramos <>
2017-03-22 17:34:14 -05:00
Peter Šurda 9a5f7442a0 fix
- handle missing "optional" key in package definition
2017-03-20 00:27:11 +01:00
Peter Šurda 13223887fc updates
- only waits for a prompt if running from a TTY
- support for Ubuntu 12 and older (different msgpack package name)
- fix crash for missing keys in the distro definition
- accept alternative msgpack providers
- add pyopencl as an extra
2017-03-17 19:25:19 +01:00
Dmitri Bogomolov ee7e630694
Show a dialog with QR-code for selected bm-address 2017-03-06 18:00:23 +02:00
Peter Šurda 636ae17cc0 fix and update
- libssl dependency for Fedora
- typo in waiting for keypress
2017-03-01 11:44:58 +01:00
Peter Šurda af5cb08093 updates
- parametrise module list
- allow optional modules (pyopencl, PyQt4)
- add setuptools
- add compiler error detection
- press return to continue
2017-03-01 11:29:38 +01:00
Peter Šurda b7e75b9bc5 fixes, guix and pyopencl
- detect GUIX
- FreeBSD uses "pkg install", not "pkg_install"
- add pyopencl dependency checking
2017-02-28 22:22:36 +01:00
Dmitri Bogomolov 34084bbc80
Total cleanup and simple script installation 2017-02-28 15:51:49 +02:00
Justin Ramos b50198afb5
changes needed to get current code to run 2017-02-25 00:06:04 -06:00
Peter Šurda 317d4d57cc
Add (setuptools)
- thanks to Lvl4Sword for the initial file
2017-02-24 16:49:53 +01:00