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Notify if C PoW missing
- Linux users often don't know that the C PoW is available and complain
  it's slow. This will try to build it, and adds availability
  notification in the status bar
- also, the updateStatusBar signal now allows emphasised notifications,
  which will remain visible for a longer period of time and also
  reappear if a status change happened in the meantime
2016-12-15 16:11:29 +01:00
OpenCL vendor selector
- when you have multiple OpenCL drivers at the same time, e.g. intel and
  nvidia, they won't mix leading to crashes. This patch makes it
  possible to select which driver to use by listing the available
2016-11-10 21:43:10 +01:00
Multiprocessing PoW fixes and improvements
- the multiprocessing PoW should now work correctly
- it also should be interruptible correctly and the GUI will ask about
  it during exit
2016-10-22 05:00:35 +02:00
Multiple PoW updates
- fixes "fast python" (multiprocessing) PoW
- python PoW (both slow and fast) interruptible on *NIX
- signal handler should handle multiple processes and threads correctly
(only tested on Linux)
- popul window asking whether to interrupt PoW when quitting QT GUI
- PoW status in "sent" folder fixes and now also displays broadcast
status which didn't exist before
- Fixes #894
2016-10-05 20:06:47 +02:00
Fix python PoW
- recent changes cause the pool workers to trigger shutdown and freeze.
  Now python PoW works again
2016-06-30 23:03:39 +02:00
9edde110a2 Translation update
Some function calls were not being identified as text that should be
2016-05-02 15:00:26 +02:00
2f27d43e7e PoW can sometimes be shutdown-able
Python and OpenCL PoW now stop when PyBitmessage shutdowns. C PoW needs
additional support in C so it doesn't work there yet.
2016-05-02 15:00:25 +02:00
a8053195ea Fix cdecl/stdcall DLL detection
Fixes #146
2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
17d045da10 Sensible default maximum difficulty
Fixes #144
2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
27b8891ab4 Test commit policy commit 2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
41ac1b89d1 Frozen SMP re-disable try 2 2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
549d91dc68 Re-disable windows SMP frozen support
The recommended workaround didn't work.
2016-05-02 15:00:22 +02:00
399100e6d8 PoW support code cleanup
Is now nicer and reports if OpenCL fails
2016-05-02 15:00:21 +02:00
25cc1dc287 Unified code for finding source code location
It is already used in 3 places so I put it into a function
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
12878af41f Fix Py2Exe / Py2App
Fixes the C PoW loading in frozen apps (Windows and OSX)
Cleaner fallback in PoW if something goes wrong
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
8e650396da Missing library fix
Missing library error wasn't handled correctly.
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
1a3794f3e3 C PoW updates
- move to subdirectory
- get rid of compile warnings on windows
- get number of threads from affinity (Windows, Linux) or core count
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
e5ee7426eb Support for PoW from an external library
This will attempt to include a PoW library (.so on Unix, .dll on
windows) to do PoW. This is done in a safe way and clean fallback to
normal PoW. The code for the library will be in another commit. The code
is take from,
with minor modifications.

This patch also includes code to make GPU PoW have a safer fallback.
2016-05-02 15:00:20 +02:00
9075f3f5e6 OpenCL Fixes
Still not fully working and hardcoded device number
2016-05-02 15:00:18 +02:00
2b1222f970 Fix: UI 2016-05-02 15:00:18 +02:00
Peter Surda
69309b82fb Minor changes in cli, PoW, and a couple of new api calls. 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
1796c20887 Merge OpenCL code and make OpenCL auto-detectable 2016-05-02 15:00:17 +02:00
Jonathan Warren
5b87bc26ec Fix #758 2015-01-21 12:38:25 -05:00
Jonathan Warren
c306062282 Bitmessage Protocol Version Three 2014-08-27 03:14:32 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
df7116bd72 on close, save objectProcessorQueue to disk 2013-12-02 01:35:34 -05:00
Grant T. Olson
5eba4e6442 Merge branch 'master' into Fast_PoW_unless_frozen 2013-08-29 11:42:10 -04:00
Grant T. Olson
bd489408c7 Actually OSX app maded with py2app can parallelize just fine 2013-08-23 16:10:57 -04:00
Grant T. Olson
a20213f1e8 Use fast PoW unless we're explicitly a frozen (binary) version of the code 2013-08-23 13:24:38 -04:00
Tim van Werkhoven
16ff6e883a Use 'inf' as large value instead of 1e20
'inf' is always bigger than any number, 1e20 is not.
2013-08-20 10:43:30 +02:00
Jordan Hall
2eb6558cf1 Added a number of missing imports fixing several issues (thank you PyDev) 2013-06-23 20:52:39 +01:00
Jonathan Warren
9d7a869cb9 Prevent proofOfWork pool threads from returning any data if shut down before finished with a POW 2013-06-19 00:51:31 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
9ff2c9568f adjust code formatting 2013-06-18 12:56:03 -04:00
30d829d0d4 Wait for PoW processes to exit before returning a result. Hopefully not needed. 2013-06-06 19:30:57 +02:00
7f4fee40fb Removed an extraneous conditional import. 2013-06-05 23:29:40 +02:00
279f38ff97 Trying to enable multicore PoW with single core as a fallback when it's a problem. 2013-06-05 23:20:34 +02:00
Jonathan Warren
21559e09f1 Remove multi-core POW support 2013-06-03 23:14:24 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
32efdca33c Emergency fix for 64-bit Windows systems 2013-06-03 20:41:39 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
433d55d351 Low priority POW threads 2013-06-03 01:04:22 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
a99e3d7780 Multi-core POW 2013-05-30 16:42:24 -04:00
Jonathan Warren
ad2457361f Multi-core POW 2013-05-30 16:25:42 -04:00
42a446748d Consistent use of i as an iterator. 2013-05-29 23:10:30 +02:00
128c6916af Moved proof of work to child processes. 2013-05-29 22:01:12 +02:00